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Scorpio Moon, trine everything

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

The Moon is in the water sign Scorpio, trine a vast alignment of planets in Pisces — Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Uranus.

This is adding an emotional quality to the air, but it’s energy that’s moving: trines open the gates, and what this is opening the gate to is quite a bit of Pisces energy pouring through the Scorpio Moon — thankfully Scorpio is a fixed sign and can handle the somewhat unstable, unpredictable energy of Pisces. We are still feeling the vibes of yesterday’s Venus conjunct Uranus, which brought all kinds of fun surprises in the door; you may have even surprised yourself a few times. However, clearly the necessity of the moment is focusing and grounding this emotional energy. Pluto in Capricorn is the constant reminder of this.

In the background, Mars is in the last week of retrograde motion. The station direct is March 10, after a tense, 12-week retrograde. This began Dec. 20 and ends next week, but the real effects spread from mid-autumn 2009 to late spring 2010. Mars is connected to the sign Aries, and in June the sky moves into some spectacular astrology in that particular sign — the rare conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. Stay tuned for more details — and there are lots in the sign reports of Cosmic Confidential.