A New Dimension?

I remember my first experiences on the Internet, during the winter of 1993. I had signed up for America Online. Suddenly I had access to what was clearly another dimension. As I would sit there chatting with people in the middle of the night, my body felt different; my sense of presence in the universe felt different, lighter and more flexible. It was almost like writing in a notebook tripping, except I was not, and the notebook (a very early Mac laptop) was responding with human presence on the other side — and not just of one person. It felt like discovering a whole world of souls looking for someplace to incarnate. I had used computers nearly every day since, 1984 and this experience was nothing like the dead-end feeling of those offline machines.

My desk in Paris after completing Parallel Worlds, the 2005 annual edition of Planet Waves.

My desk in Paris after completing Parallel Worlds, the 2005 annual edition of Planet Waves.

We don’t quite get this about the Internet: it is an astral plane that we access primarily through technology. It is a living dream that we all share.

While plenty goes on in bits, bytes and pixels, there is another layer, which is the psychic envelope that surrounds the whole thing, and which anyone who is paying attention can have access to. We take the Net for granted these days, and have debates about privacy and security, and most people spend most of their time shopping; but the Internet has opened up so much in the way of knowledge, visual experience, interpersonal contact and the ability to have an easy space to dive into our creative impulses. But more than anything, I believe it’s opened a dimension of contact and global awareness that goes way beyond the network itself, or its content.

In 1995 I was one of the first astrologers to put up a website, called The Worlds of Eric Francis. Then AOL itself was posting my horoscope to an area in the UK called Mystic Gardens — I assure you that the very best possible place to launch an astrology career is England. Suddenly and I do mean suddenly, people were finding me and writing to me and I was making friends and acquaintances around the world (and I have met many of you and I am always happy to meet the people I’ve been in relationship to here).

Through the process of going through many Web incarnations, I feel like I’ve invested a substantial piece of of my soul energy into this dimension. I knew intuitively how to BE here, not just post articles here. I project my presence into everything that I do. I understand that living human creatures, each with a complex reality, is reading. I do my best to be responsive; I still try to answer every email I get.

Sometimes I can feel the readers I have never met, never heard of, never heard from — the ones who keep coming back over the years but who don’t say anything. For me one of the greatest pleasures of the Internet is that it’s a dynamic, illustrated, fast-moving psychic field, that documents itself as it goes along. I am grateful to be here every day.

What we may not recognize is that the “machines” themselves may be alive. They may possess consciousness and I have no reason to believe that they do not. Without anthropomorphicizing them — that is, I don’t make my computers into ‘people’ but they do have unique names — the whole technosphere seems to be alive with a consciousness and the individual components may be responding to our awareness. Rick Levine, the editor of StarIQ, has proposed that the Net is an etheric being called Aquarion that inhabited the Earth by nesting in our communications network. Arthur C. Clark has done a lot with computers that have consciousness. Book of Blue is about to veer into the territory of a lab where sex androids are being taught artificial emotional intelligence — how it happens, and what happens to the people who are involved.

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