A New Moon Dressed to the Nines

Hello Cosmic Confidential Visitor! We just had a New Moon in Virgo so I checked for any significant archived horoscopes and came up with this one. What do you think, Virgo? How has your relationship to your past changed in the last 11 years? In case you’re wondering how you can get access to the horoscope archives to investigate on your own, it comes with every subscription to Planet Waves Astrology News and Planet Waves Light.

Sept. 10, 1999 – Virgo – Weekly

The New Moon in your birth sign on 9-9-99 has to be telling you something. But more than what this beautiful synchronicity is saying, I am more interested in what you are asking. The Nines represent the brink of change or completion. Yet astrology is far better at raising questions than it is at providing answers. The biggest question I see is, if you could change your relationship to your entire past, what would you create? This may involve a revisioning of history, a re-use of the lessons you learned in your family, or, most likely, tapping into cultural and genetic resources that are far deeper than any parent, grandparent or great-grandparent ever hinted might be yours.

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