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Dear Friend and Reader:

Everyone with a clue is wondering the same thing: What, exactly, is going to happen as planets move into the 2012 alignment?

As I’ve been suggesting, 2012 is happening now. We reach the first major peak this month, then we reach another by the spring of 2010. Last week, Saturn moved into Libra, which is turning up the energy rapidly. Many are hoping for the best but expecting the worst. As the world moves closer to an edge nobody wants to admit we’re actually standing on, anxiety seems to be this emotion we’re supposed to accept as a new form of serenity. Does the future hold a way out? Or more meaningfully, a way to reach our incredible human potential?

Welcome to Cosmic Confidential: A Future Investigation.

Planet Waves

This is the 2010 annual edition of Planet Waves. With this annual, I’m taking an entirely new approach to covering the astrology — one based on an investigative reporting model, digging up the gems of information that are most personally relevant to you and putting them into personal context.

I’ve been looking attentively at the astrology of the next five seasons literally going back to the beginning of my astrological studies. In recent months, I’ve been carefully building my files and organizing the material, crafting the language to explain it the most clearly.

Are we heading for some kind of cataclysm? Or for collective enlightenment? Is time really accelerating? What is the “leap beyond technology” that Jose Arguelles speaks of? And given our complex personal lives, what is our individual role?

In many ways it feels like every system and every facet of our personal lives is overloaded. In what ways will we be able to participate with the coming changes?

How can we create stable relationships when everything is moving so fast? What kind of world will your children face, and how can you best prepare them?

We’re now entering the phase of time wherein we get to decide precisely these things. For years, I’ve been exploring the astrology leading into 2012, and I’ve learned that 2010 is a crucial turning point along the way. My research and direct participation date back to the Harmonic Convergence of Aug. 16-17, 1987.

Planet Waves
Notes from Cosmic Confidential brainstorming session at the Grandmother Land last week.

There is so much happening, indeed, events that are unprecedented in many decades. Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter are all changing signs. Chiron and Neptune remain in a rare conjunction, both getting ready to change signs.

All of this — all of it — is personally relevant to you. I will put it in language so clear, you’ll be able to put it to direct use in your life, and even explain it to someone else.

The Best Sun Sign Astrology, and Beyond

Cosmic Confidential delivers extended length horoscopes for the 12 Sun signs and rising signs; and many of the supporting documents used in creating the work. This includes a streamlined chart resources section with notes, an explanation of the houses, and an astrological chronology of important events.

Returning to an earlier tradition of the annual, this year’s edition offers a Key Life Transits section, covering the astrology by era. For example, if you’re turning 50 and having your Chiron return, or turning 30 and having your Saturn return, or any of a number of other threshold transits, you can read about them in Cosmic Confidential.

As for the minor planets, for focus and clarity I will concentrate on Eris, the first three Centaurs (Chiron, Nessus and Pholus) and the first four asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta). New delineations of those planets will be provided.

In all respects, I am designing this to be an astrology resource to be immediately useful and also with lasting value well beyond 2010.

Cosmic Confidential is scheduled for release by the end of the year, but If you subscribe now, you will have the instant gratification of In the Shadow of Saturn, part one of a special series included with the annual edition. The link to that full-length article will come with your order confirmation.

Thank you for your business, your love and your trust. It’s a privilege to do this work for you at this time in the story of the world.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis