About Cosmic Confidential: The 2010 Annual Edition

Hello Cousins:

To sum up, Cosmic Confidential is the 2010 annual edition of Planet Waves. This, our 12th annual edition, includes extended horoscope readings for each of the 12 signs, which are currently running at about 4,000 words each (about as long as a very long weekly Planet waves Friday essay, created specially for your sign). These are detailed astrological reports that go far beyond what you might think possible without your birth date; but that’s what I do.

The signs are available individually, or in a package with Planet Waves subscriptions — that’s the most economical deal. For example, if you purchase all 12 signs individually, that comes to about $73. If you purchase all 12 signs with a six month subscription, that is $79.

Each of the signs includes your reading for the current year, as well as generous excerpts from the prior three years of annual editions, detailed interviews with those born under your sign, and additional resources for each sign.

Cosmic Confidential also includes sections on the Saturn return (ages 27-31; ages 54-58); the Uranian opposition (ages 38-42); and a diversity of Chiron and Pluto transits. These are currently included whether you purchase one sign or all 12. There are many other features as well, such as a reading of the United States horoscope.

Here are some subscription options for Cosmic Confidential:

Purchase by sign (starting at $19.95 per sign, down to $4.95 per sign if you purchase six or more). I highly recommend getting at least your Sun sign and rising sign. If you don’t know your rising sign, I suggest you look it up at Astro.com (you will need your birth time).

Purchase all 12 signs with a six month subscription to Planet Waves Astrology News, our Tuesday/Friday astrology service.

Purchase all 12 signs with a six month subscription to Planet Waves Light (horoscopes only).

It’s possible to purchase by phone. Call (877) 453-8265 and Chelsea will help you.

Anticipated publication date is between Jan. 15 and Jan. 20, after which time these prices will increase. If you would like to see an example of a full annual edition, check out Small World Stories, the 2008 annual edition.

Yours & truly,

Eric Francis

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