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How Does Your Conjunction Function?

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Hello Cosmic Confidential Diary readers! I just grabbed my solar-powered flashlight and went snooping around Eric’s archives to see if I could find a little general information on a Mars-Saturn conjunction, since we’ve had a real beauty this week as part of a cardinal T-square (or grand cross); the configuration shifts a bit depending on how many days have gone by when you read this. (For a fun how-to on creating your own diagram of this weekend’s astrology, check out Len Wallick’s post on the Planet Waves blog yesterday.)

My detective work uncovered this great reader Q & A from a 2006 segment of Astrology Secrets Revealed. In it, a woman asks if this Mars-Saturn aspect in her lover’s chart really does result in a “cruel” nature, as she had been told. The case was sounding like a job for a therapist more than a private eye or astrologer, but I kept reading.

Eric, to his credit, chose to broaden the discussion, noting:

Personally, I am reluctant to make blanket assumptions about a person based on one aspect in a natal chart. I concede that this is not an especially easy aspect, because Mars and Saturn have such different natures: hot vs. cool, fiery vs. earthy, quick vs. slow, and so on.

There is, however, no aspect that cannot be put to good use, and Mars conjunct Saturn is a powerful point in any chart where it appears. Since we cannot live without Mars (energy) or Saturn (structure), we need to get a grip on how to put this aspect to work. And if you aspire to being an astrologer, it is your job to help the people who come to you (for readings, that is) make the most of their charts, no matter what they may say.

The real find, however, may be the five-step process Eric outlines for how to read a conjunction in any chart. He goes over how the planets’ cycles intersect, how to read the planets’ sign and house placements, and then how to read any aspects and transits to the conjunction. It’s a handy print-and-use guide I’ll be tucking into my detective kit and it comes with the following bit of sound advice: “a chart provides the astrologer with working material — not the basis for judging a person.” Indeed.