Clay and the ‘collective current’

Hello Cosmic Confidential Visitor. One of the things we’re doing here on the Cosmic Confidential daily blog is selecting horoscopes from the past and letting them see the sunshine. Given all the internal stress we’re feeling with the current astrology and Eric’s potter’s wheel analogy in today’s issue of Astrology News, I thought I’d see what else Eric has said about clay and the self-creative process we’re in, however uncomfortable it may be.

Sept. 4, 2009 – Gemini – Weekly

The creative process is not arts and crafts. Rather, it’s about everything from doubt to confronting your sense of emptiness to exploring the feelings and memories that we are basically all conditioned to ignore. In sum, you go deeper, and that depth often requires the use of a working medium that could be clay and it could be a camera and it could be your notebook. Let it become a sacred space, but not so sacred that you fear that what you create there will be known to others and influence their healing process. You’re not alone in going through what you’re experiencing. The feelings running through your body are part of a collective current shared by millions of other people, each in their unique way, and each equally meaningful.

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