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In this series, called the Confidential Diary, I will be journaling some of the details of my work on the Cosmic Confidential project. Some of what you read will be a bit technical, literally a diary of what I am doing; other entries will have more interpretation. This is to give an idea what goes into the project, and to help me keep a record of what I am doing day by day. The result will be a smooth, easy to understand astrology report for your Sun sign or rising sign that will guide you through the incredible astrology of 2010. Here is the first entry, from Wednesday morning. If you have comments or questions, please get a login identity for this diary. Anyone can sign up; and it’s free.В  — efc

Planet Waves

Mars Retrograde and the Chart of the World

Today I explored some of Mars retrograde as it might express itself for Taurus. I printed out two versions of the Thema Mundi chart to add that dimension to my interpretations of the houses. I’ve gradually been bringing in this technique — using an ancient ‘chart for the world’. This is a recent discovery by people researching the ancient documents, some of the earliest known to astrology. I believe it’s the single most important one. The Thema Mundi reveals that Cancer is in the ascendant of the original horoscope. The energy of the First House is lunar. Usually we associate with Aries and Mars.

This changes many things about how we think of the houses. For example, we would normally associate Leo with the 4th house of Taurus. When you apply the Thema Mundi, that orientation mixes Libra into the Fourth house of Taurus; and as a result we can think of Taurus a little differently. There is a new element to its foundation. For example, that is an image of the particular craving of relationship; and with both Taurus and Libra having Venus as ambassador, Taurus projects itself into relationships strongly and with a vital sense of identity.

Mars [soon to be] retrograde is shaking this up, potentially quite pleasantly; perhaps with a dash of insecurity. The thing about feelings is that to have them, one need be willing to experience fear. The nonrational. In the Fourth, the imminence of change and death; the core fear, connected with the fear of abandonment often ‘died every day’.

Theme Mundi, scarcely known to astrologers, is the chart revealing an inherently feminine quality of human nature. Cancer shows up on the First House. That suggests that we rethink the values of the houses, with a lunar spin on the First House rather than a Martian one, as presumed by Aries. The implication is that human nature is nourishing/maternal and cyclical by its inherent being, rather than warlike, aggressive and single-minded, as is hinted by a Mars hue over the First House.

On a text note, I am experimenting with the use of the word per as a byword for his, her, hers and theirs. This is an experiment in gender-neutral language, something that’s been lacking in English forever. Romance languages give everything a gender, which is ridiculous. In English we need to get rid of ‘his or her car’ or ‘their car’. One simple way to do that is to say, per car. Per is short for person, and we are all people.

Finished pww 796 with intro on Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune. Introduced the term technosphere to planet waves. Work of research team is coming in: NWS excerpts, condensation of reader comments, sign by sign. The Passion of the Western Mind by Richard Tarnas (author of Cosmos and Psyche) arrived from Amazon today, and it’s like one of the lost texts of Atlantis: the gemstone file of Western philosophy.

0041:utc updated Wednesday 1850:utc.

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  1. I was there at the Erlewine conclave. Where were you e?

    I believe the Thema Mundi represents the knowledge of the matriarchal hunter/gatherer beginnings of humanity.

    Question: if you understand this chart/system, how can you use modern rulerships? According to this system the hottest “planet” (the sun) rules the hottest time of year and the coldest or slowest planet (saturn) rules the coldest time of year. The rest of the planets fan out in terms of speed (heat).

    By that logic, if pluto is given rulership it should be over aquarius!

  2. Eric Francis says:

    I think we have to regard rulerships, strictly speaking, as an antique, germane only to the system where their internal logic holds. If you track my writing, I never state a modern ‘rulership’ or association without noting the traditional ruler. I never just say, “Neptune rules Pisces.” I don’t believe the system, which has its roots in the Doctrine of Signatures, can be expanded to include new discoveries. However, a sensitive astrologer can feel and observe associations. And there are references in ancient texts. Lilly talks about Virgo being associated with grain and dairy storehouses; therefore we can apply an association to Ceres; that is, for as long as it’s useful. Many of Ceres’ associations (maternal in nature) work with the sign Cancer. To handle this well requires a lot of observation, and a sense of appropriateness for what kind of interpretation is called for in a given situation. I don’t think we can read any chart without a reading or assessment of the client and environment.

    When we’re applying new rulerships to horary astrology — the place they really come into play — we need to be highly consistent, and they seem to work. I cast my usual set of 25 basic points into my horary charts, but when I’m doing a strict horary analysis, I use the traditional planets. If I incorporate modern planets, I follow an order of operations: Jupiter as first ruler of Pisces; Neptune as second ruler of Pisces, evaluated in that order.

  3. Yeah, that’s cool. I tend to see Ceres as having a clear “affinity” or a lot in common with Cancer and/or Virgo too, but that’s also clearly not the same thing as rulership as it was originally defined. So I personally don’t bother with modern rulerships -mostly because I don’t want to unintentionally further what I see as a bad mistake -which is to use the modern rulers first without considering the classical ones

    Anyway, back to the idea of the 1st house having a Lunar (rather than Martian) feel, there is another chart Hellenistic astrologers were big on which reinforces this concept. They would read the chart as if the Lot of Fortune were the first house.

    The Part of Fortune is Lunar in nature and the Part of Fortune has to do with things that are unconscious, unintentional, instinctual, emotional and physical. Rob Hand says The Fortune chart represents that with which the native came into this world, the potential, the un-manifested possibilities and physicality, one’s materiality.

    So, a person’s career may be signified most clearly in the Fortuna chart (10th sign from Fortune), if their career choice was the result of early emotional habits and inclinations, or that they have inherited a career from their family.

  4. Eric Francis says:

    Both the part of fortune and the part of spirit are based on the Sun, Moon and ascendant. So it would seem to take into account all three.

  5. both are the lunar phase angle applied from the ascendant, yes

    however, fortuna is the lunar lot, which is to say it is the lunar phase angle applied FROM Moon TO Sun, or as if the Moon were on the Ascendant. in other words if you put Moon on ASC then Fortuna is the point where Sun would be.

    reverse is true for Spirit

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