Family patterns: Quaoar was discovered in Sagg

With Pluto transiting Sagittarius between 1995 and 2008, much attention was focused on that sign. Yet what was not noted by mainstream astrology were the discoveries of additional planets in Sagg, including Quaoar. This segment of The Spiral Door (the 2007 annual edition of Planet Waves), from the Sagittarius chapter, comments on both Pluto’s recent transit there, and the discovery of Quaoar. Today this distant planet, located just beyond the orbit of Pluto, is at 19+ degrees of Sagittarius. We also covered it in Small World Stories and Next World Stories, the 2008 and 2009 annual editions. –efc

About Pluto we could say a great deal, and much has been said — but what Pluto may conceal is its own progress. We cannot see the distance we have covered with Pluto, and you may not be able to see yours. Yet it would be wise to remember the helmet of invisibility that the mythological Pluto wears. This relates to the action of Pluto (the planet), sometimes described as an unconscious, if deeply compelling, process. In many ways, the coming four seasons, perhaps a bit more, represent a summary of the vast but invisible experience that you have accumulated. These seasons represent a time of consolidation and gaining perspective, but not stepping back. Indeed, you’ve never been called upon to participate more actively in your own life, and to put your knowledge to work for the sake of progress and happiness.

The many smaller and larger changes and developments that you’ve experienced are likely to coalesce into one sweeping transition that, once you notice the momentum, represents an inevitable and astonishing stage of your growth in this lifetime. This will take you and many people with it, and one result will be that many of the problems you envisioned that were blocking your progress will cease to be factors. The inescapable calling of home, whatever home may be, is at times all that your ears can hear, and yet from moment to moment the cosmic instructions are telling you to place your roots in the here and now; in the community in which you live; and the planet where your body is located.

Let’s briefly look at some of the elements that have been discovered in your birth sign and what they may say about you, starting with a planet called Quaoar. This was minor planet number 50,000, discovered in 2002 by Chad Trujillo and Michael Brown, two of the discoverers of Eris. I believe it’s every bit as significant a discovery as Eris, only it relates to family and society more than it relates to the experience of an individual.

Located beyond Pluto and named for a creation deity of Native Americans called the Tongva people, this planet tells a complex story of how the gods, and consequently, people, came to be. Here is the myth as told by Marc Acuna, a Tongva scholar and tribal elder:

‘Quaoar,’ the great force of creation, sings and dances the high ones (Deities) into existence. While Quaoar has no form or gender he is usually referred to with the male pronoun.

He dances and sings first ‘Weywot’ who becomes Sky Father; they sing and dance ‘Chehooit’ Earth Mother into existence. The trio sing ‘Tamit’ Grandfather Sun to life.

As each divine one joins the singing and dancing, the song becomes more complex and the dance more complicated. In turn ‘Moar’, Grandmother Moon (a very complex deity), ‘Pamit’ the Goddess of the sea, ‘Manit’, the Lord of dreams and visions, ‘Manisar’ the bringer of food and harvests, ‘Tukupar Itar’ Sky Coyote (who is also our major hero), ‘Tolmalok’, the Goddess of Shishongna (the underworld) join in the singing, dancing and creating.

In psychological terms, I get two messages. One, Quaoar is the way in which we internalize the world, including our family. A number of excellent models of the human mind have emerged in recent memories which help us understand our lives as an internalization of our early family history. Though this may seem depressing to some who did not have such great backgrounds, the gift is that we have a model to work with.

Quaoar also relates to the story we make up about our own creation, on the cosmic scale — which has personal emphasis for you, and which we could look for as a theme of Sagittarius in general. One’s creation myth, of the world, of oneself, of one’s society, tells us a lot about who we think we are.

Finally, Quaoar relates to the family of society and how we relate to it; whether it functions or not; and what we try to do about it. Quaoar points out the damage that has been done, and what remains of some original information or instruction set that allows us to reach out from our core existence as original humanity.

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  1. Klara says:

    Hey Eric,

    I just read your entry on Quaoar – you mentioned it is currently at 19 + degrees Sagittarius. I realized it is over my MC – I will have to ponder more on the meaning of this, but for the moment it seem fitting – recently I have been aware of the relationship between my family connection/origin and my current place in the world/universe (and in turn seeing the latter as – at least partially – my own creation).

    On another note – a couple of weeks ago I was studying something in my chart when my seven year old peaked over my shoulder. He wanted to see his chart, so we looked at his and then went back to mine to compare. He said “Wow, yours is really different – these two triangles next to each other!”. When he pointed it out to me I noticed a shape that looks like a kite (between my ascendant, saturn, moon and Jupiter) – funny that I have never noticed it before. So I looked it up and I am not sure if this is truly a kite aspect in my chart. Attached is also the chart I got from you and it is not so obvious on that one.

    Your opinion on this would be very appreciated – but I understand you are very busy writing the annual these days. Feel free to reply whenever you have time (after the new year is fine).

    And while I am at it: I went to see the Yes men screening here in Seattle (thanks for turning me onto them). They are great, Andy was here and gave a little talk – I gave him a custom made pack of m&m’s (see attached photo and here is a link to more <> ). I made these as part of a project at Henry Art Gallery called Gift Shop <> . The show was called Gift Shop Presents: Presents. I made several packs of “The Present” – in nutty, original, tropical, sour and dark flavors (the Yes Men got the special “The Nutty Present” edition:). The packs were all filled with buttons that looked like candy.

    Once again: thanks for your inspiring writing. Best wishes for the holidays.


  2. Lovely to hear from you, Klara.

    A kite pattern is a grand trine with something at the midpoint of any two of the planets; in other words, it’s a grand trine with a couple of sextiles mixed in. Elementally, this would be like having planets at 15 degrees of all the water signs; and something at 15 degrees of an earth sign.

    A grand trine tends to trap people in patterns. It’s like the Bermuda triangle; it goes around and around. A kite is helpful because it provides a way out of the cycle.

    Your chart does not actually have a kite pattern. You have what is called a yod from Saturn and the Moon to the Sun; you have another yod from the ascendant to and Saturn to Uranus. I suggest you study on yod patterns rather than kite patterns. The astrologer who has done the best work on yods (that I’m aware of) is Rick Levine of You might have to fish around the Internet but if you find anything, please post it here.

    Eric – camped out in my art studio, working on Cosmic Confidential…

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