Embarking on the 2010 Annual

Dear Friend and Reader:

It’s always exciting and a bit daunting to embark on the new annual edition, but I can tell you that this year I am truly grateful for the experience I am working with. This includes experience as an astrologer, and also in some of the other aspects of life that I’ve encountered, under the general heading ‘human potential’. That would be the thing we need right now, wouldn’t it?

Planet Waves

I’m certainly not overconfident (that would be unusual) but rather thankful that I have enough experience transposing very large astrology into personal contexts to at least have it seem doable.

I’m grateful to have been through the annual edition process 11 times so far, and that I’m already somewhat familiar with the rather incredible, just-a-bit-dangerous feeling astrology that’s being presented to us. I was living in a New Age community in the summer of 1987, so the Harmonic Convergence was historically and energetically real to me. Many conversations that were started at that time are now coming into focus.

I have few clarifications from yesterday’s introductory letter. Some edits didn’t make it in. For me, editing is a process of rethinking. It’s a game of, “What are you trying to say here?” Toward the top, I want to revise the statement that 2010 is the key turning point to the next set of key turning point. There’s a difference; which involves the way the astrology ramps up through the course of 2010 and 2011.

What we get in 2010 is, however, stunning by any measure — for example, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the Aries Point, to the degree. Here is the chart, if you want to see it. We also experience a Mars retrograde in Leo, which is warming up right now: and that, to me, is about the elusive search for identity in the context of a group; and finally addressing our too-common mode of self-reproach (guilt and its many cousins).

There was one paragraph with a repeated echo on the word ‘carefully’, a relic of late-night writing. I’ve edited that, but I want to say that there is no way to do this astrology too carefully. I recognize that people use it for guidance, for deeply personal food for thought, or at the most cursory, spiritual entertainment (there is no such thing, really). What we are doing in this kind of astrology is conveyed on the level of thought; of ideas, which can give an interpretation that literally makes life easier or more difficult. One thing we are learning is that this is how thought transposes into reality.I am doing my best to be true to the cause, and devote maximum focus to the project. (I will be making some adjustments to my regular writing schedule to accommodate this.)

Part of my approach are some new methods of research. Lately I’ve been asking you about your experiences. It’s worked in my personal astrological consulting, and it’s working well as I follow the Moon’s position and go through the first drafts of the signs. On the Planet Waves front page, I’m asking for these comments on a sign-by-sign basis. Leo is currently at the top; Virgo will go up tomorrow; you can read comments to all the signs done so far under this search of the blog database. They are entirely fascinating, and you may feel they are vindicating.

Last, a note on pricing.В  I plan to raise that to $39 Monday evening, Nov. 2, and we will soon go to ordering by individual sign. That’s to say, now is the moment to take advantage of being an existing customer and get in on the very lowest price. The sales system takes gift orders, and current subscribers to Planet Waves and Next World Stories are invited to take advantage of this price for gifts that as well.

One last note: spinning the annual edition off as its own project was the single biggest step we’ve taken toward making Planet Waves a viable publishing company. I know many of you take that as happy news, and I want to thank you.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis