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Dear Cosmic Confidential Reader:

This is a letter for subscribers or prospective subscribers to this premium content area: Cosmic Confidential, the 2010 annual edition of Planet Waves. At long last, I have news on the Key Life Transits section. Work is underway and we are beginning to post it. I have done an introduction to the project, an introduction to Saturn and an introduction to Saturn transits. There will be one or two more Saturn sections added in the next few days.

Planet Waves

The Key Life Transits area is available from the Cosmic Confidential main page. Your previous product keys (login and password) work for this area whether you bought one sign, a few signs or all 12 signs.

The presentation is in audio format, in an easy-to-use player that requires no upgrade or download for the vast majority of our clients. Once I finish Saturn, Chiron will be close behind, timed with the ingress of Chiron into Pisces. Then I will do Uranus and finally Pluto. I am making fairly steady progress, so I will likely post these in pace with your ability to listen.

I am using audio format for a few benefits. My writing schedule is pretty impressive even on a light week, so the ability to use another delivery method, and another part of my brain, not only helps — it’s making sure that I can do a good job for you. This also saves my hands and wrists some stress. But the main benefit is the sense of contact I get with you by explaining the astrology in a natural voice. This is in keeping with the storytelling tradition from which astrology emerged, long before writing and books.

There are some great Saturn resources on the main page of Cosmic Confidential. For the other planets I will gather some resources and some notes to give you an introduction and the opportunity for further reading.

Astrology can seem complex, and to do the real thing takes patience and an open mind. It’s a miracle that the stuff works at all; to me, the challenge is to take it off the level of ‘magic’ and put it onto the level of growth, awareness and ethics.

Please write to us if you have any questions.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

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