Just Keep Moving…

We’re about halfway through the current Mercury retrograde in Virgo, which I thought was going relatively smoothly until yesterday when all hell broke loose. Just in case it’s been a bumpy ride for you, too, here’s a little reassurance from 2009 about the often-confounding process The Winged One can present to us. And in case you’re wondering how you can get access to the horoscope archives, it comes with every subscription to Planet Waves Astrology News and Planet Waves Light.

Oct. 09, 2009 – Gemini – Weekly

Mercury is about to become free of its retrograde in Virgo, a transit that has made progress seem like a thing of the past. The process has certainly given you plenty to meditate on, and you may be wondering if you’re any better for having gone through so much mental and emotional introspection. I suggest that you not try to make up your mind about this right now; try to avoid judging anything at all. Simply move forward and see where you end up in a few weeks. For a while you’ll still be covering what seems like old territory, doing some things over and rethinking history yet again. You’ll notice the difference vividly when you arrive in new territory, and that’s the time to keep your focus on what is new and what you’re creating.

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