Navigating the Nessus Nexus

We are in the final run-up to a New Moon in Aquarius, so I’ve been keeping one eye on the darkening night sky through my trusty Argus binoculars, the other diligently on a stakeout of the Planet Waves blog. The binoculars aren’t strong enough to get the minor planets into view, but luckily the other blog delivered the goods. According to Len and Eric, tonight’s New Moon is opposite Nessus and Damocles, an interesting pair to be sure, bringing issues of power and past abuse from our shadow material into the bright light of the interrogation room.

Here at the Cosmic Confidential Detective Agency, we’re trained to take a ‘good cop’ approach to these aspects and transits; that is, acknowledge what can be difficult or painful and then find the creative, productive side door to working with the energy. So I thought I’d take a page out of Eric’s book (literally) and see how we might work with Nessus in particular.

In an essay on this centaur planet from Next World Stories, he writes: “Actions have consequences, and once you notice those effects, you can almost always discover the source. Nessus is a very helpful diagnostic tool in handling situations with these themes of betrayal, deception, murder, sexual abuse and sexual infidelity. It works just as well to reveal something about where and how we’ve been hurt in the past, and how we’re likely to hurt others — and how we can heal that pattern and its resulting injuries.”

Now those themes are some heavy ones, but not foreign to anyone serious about their investigation. It’s wise to keep the right tools for the job at hand and know when to call for reinforcements, whoever they may be for you. But note that Nessus doesn’t simply thrust us into the dark — the potential to heal abusive patterns is present. As Eric remarks later in the article, “Nessus can point to information, people and circumstances that help lift the veil.” That sounds like a pretty hot lead to me, so I’ll be keeping my notebook handy for the rest of the stakeout. The information is there, we just need to have faith that we’re up to the task of working with it. After all, it’s already ours.

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