NCGR Conference Coverage Continues

Now that the Friday edition of Planet Waves is on its way to subscribers, I can get back to audio coverage of the NCGR conference. (This will update about four times a day, so check back regularly.) NCGR stands for National Council for Geocosmic Research; that’s a fancy way of saying a bunch of astrologers get together every couple of years and share notes, teach classes and workshops, and several hundred punters come from around the country and listen to what we have to say.

This is one of the main ways people learn astrology — at these hotel conferences put on by different organizations. It’s one of the pre-internet methods, another being reading books, classes in the dining room, and mail correspondence courses. So this kind of event is a bit of a throwback to the days before the iPhone.

NCGR has been around for 39 years and has about 20 chapters in the United States and abroad — from New Jersey to Turkey to Mexico to New York City. I’m not sure what karmic connection I have to this bunch, but it’s friendly and useful; it started with one of my best early (and current) astrology mentors, David H. Arner. He has been involved with NCGR for decades.

The conference has been kind enough to invite me onto the faculty; I am the only person presenting on the newly discovered planets. Tomorrow I will teach my class, using Chiron, Nessus and Eris as examples. My only regret is that I don’t get to teach all day, every day (nobody does).

Last night at the faculty cocktail party, I slipped into the table where Rob Hand was sitting. I am an unabashed groupie; as a benefit, I ended up with about an hour of tutoring on questions I’d been saving up for a couple of years. Mostly it was a Sagittarius-styled conversation of philosophy. Rob basically proved that science as we know it would not have been possible without monotheistic religion. In effect, he said, science is monotheism, without God. After years of covering dioxin scandals, I would agree.

I will be back in a little while with more audio coverage on PlanetWaves.FM.

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