Open the Door

One of the things we’re doing here on the Cosmic Confidential daily blog is selecting horoscopes from the past and letting them see the sunshine. Often I use current astrology to guide my choice of a theme to highlight with these selections, but today I let my mood guide me — admittedly, it was not the most positive or productive mood. As you’ll see, this Leo horoscope from 2000 really answers the call with an attitude check — Eric-style.

Feb. 1, 2000 – Leo – Monthly

A door into your life keeps opening and closing. Or rather, it opens and somebody comes in, and you kick them out and/or close and lock the door. You may not think you’re doing this, but so it goes. Orchestrating, enumerating or dictating reality are just poor methods for preventing others from consciously having a real impact on you, or overwhelming you. Coming up with scores of reasons why you cannot trust, and then, with your responses, making those reasons real, is only keeping you in isolation from what you really want inside. In order to trust, you will have to use your intuition, and remember that trusting is itself an act of trust. But I am here to tell you that that doorbell is about to ring again, there’s very likely to be somebody really there, and the door’s hinges are working and the knob turns. If you don’t use that door, it could be a while before it works so well again.

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