Pisces New Moon

Two posts below, I described the Pisces New Moon (and provided a little picture of the chart). The day has arrived, of a spectacular four-way conjunction between the Moon, the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Pisces. This combines the idea power of Mercury and Uranus with the creative, soul force of Pisces and the momentum of a solar-lunar event. The New Moon is exact at 5:01 pm EDT, 2:01 PDT and 21:01 UTC.

As Len pointed out in the Planet Waves blog, this glorious New Moon is square the Galactic Center. In other words, today’s event happens in late Pisces and the GC is in late Sagittarius. Whatever you might say about this, contact with the core of our galaxy adds a level of depth and significance to this event, which will stretch our capacities and is suggesting we notice that there is more to life than running a maze. We think there’s more and we say there’s more — but how often do we live like there’s more?

We are arriving at the end of a seven-year spell of Uranus in Pisces. This means events featuring Uranus in Pisces are numbered, and the number is low. As of today (if my quick calculations are correct), there are just 281 days left of Uranus in Pisces. The transition of Uranus into Aries begins in the spring, when Uranus makes a brief visit; then it comes back to Pisces for a spell before moving onto Aries for good, or at least for seven years.

So I suggest you appreciate these highly imaginative, easygoing Uranus in Pisces events while they last. The Uranus in Aries phase is going to be a bit more stunning in its impact. Pisces is a sign that acts slowly. Aries is a sign that acts quickly.

Whether in Pisces or not, any event with Uranus so prominent is going to come with some surprises. Surprises mean change, in little bits or big bits. People — you know, everyone but you — don’t like change. You love the stuff; everyone else freaks out when the least little thing is different; when the hot dog guy moves his cart 10 feet, you see that look of panic on people’s faces.

The slightest reorganization of your favorite website and one’s frontal lobe spazzes out. Try to get some more people health care and the entire nation goes into a tailspin. It doesn’t seem to matter whether a change is minute or massive. And we are the same spiritual warriors who are here to pull the world through the vortex of 2012 and get us through our technological adolescence and climate change and all of that?

You see, this really is the issue. We live in a time of constant change (stupid as many of the changes may be) and the necessity for real change (doing everything more efficiently, for example) and…nobody is that interested in change. We need information, and many, many people are resistant to learning. I recognize that because we live in a time of nonstop movement, most of which is driven by marketing culture — the imagery and product definition have to change every 10 minutes or the consumer economy seems to stop — and as a result we never seem to be met by anything familiar.

Today is a good day to decide if you want to get dragged kicking and screaming into the future, or go with a sense of adventure. It’s a time to ask whether your old ideas about life have got you as far as you need to go, or whether you need some new ones to light your way ahead. Yes, the future contains many unknowns; many uncertainties and many opportunities to apply creativity and growth and a new perspective. But one thing is certain: we are on the move.

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  1. Len Wallick says:

    Thank you, Eric for helping us to recognize the mindset that will soon serve us no longer.

  2. carecare7 says:

    Thank you, Eric, for saying what needed to be said. I can see myself in this article perfectly; I have been lamenting the recent changes in my own beloved town and resisting leaving it or the changes I am feeling coming. I feel the hands at my back, pushing me inexorably to a big change I am afraid to face.

    I suppose I should “boldly go” where I haven’t been before….though the fear will still be there. That’s the hardest part; dealing with that fear. After the horrible financial instability we had for three long years, that fear is almost overwhelming sometimes. We have four kids to support; it isn’t the same when it is just me. I can live on cheap foods and stuff because I am not still growing, my brain is done developing but my kids ARE still growing and having brain development. They need better than I do.

    ::::deep breath:::: Today my husband revamps his resume and sends it out through all the teacher employment websites and to many school districts nationwide. Whatever happens, happens and as my old astrologer, Beth Underwood, once told me, I have to learn to trust the universe to take care of me. For this heavy-on-earth-signs Pisces, that is no small thing to do. I don’t know if that same universe is going to take care of my kids. It almost didn’t in 2006. Almost is the operative word, I think.

  3. carecare7 says:

    By the way, when I try to read this article, the “Cosmic Confidential” title and logo are down in the middle of the top part of the article, making it difficult to read. Is that just an IE7 thing? Isn’t it supposed to be up above the title of the article, in that space beneath the “Home, Members Area, Contact Us, Planet Waves, Eric’s Bio” tabs?

  4. Eric Francis says:

    Carrie, we had one other complaint about this, and we’re looking into it again. I suggest you use Firefox — you will love it. it’s free, stable, and secure.

  5. carecare7 says:

    Ok. I don’t use Firefox that much because my classes online are supposed to be better in IE7.

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