Truth, Tides and TMI

The Sun entered Virgo a week ago, close on the heels of Mercury’s station retrograde, happening entirely in the sign of the virgin. Today’s archive horoscope from 2007 doesn’t say much about ‘purity’ but does give Virgos a guide to handling new information with integrity and a certain kind of persistence — values worth handling with careful awareness as Mercury gets up to its old tricks.

June 20, 2007 – Virgo – Monthly

You seem to be in the process of negotiating with your idealism. What is realistic, what is possible, and what from the “impossible” category is worth attempting? There are no right answers to these questions, nor can you know in advance which of your current investments, endeavors or relationships will bear the fruit you can almost taste. You simply must persist, but it’s not a persistence of logic; rather, you can guide yourself by the tides of your feelings, which at times will seem to be on the ebb and the flood simultaneously. The one thing you can do that will set you way ahead is to be completely honest with yourself about how you feel, and how you feel about the people who surround you. The chances are you will learn some things about friends and associates that you were not expecting to find out. Some of this may fall under the heading of what the world these days calls “too much information,” but I assure you there is no such thing.

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