Water: The Wellness of the Whole

Greetings! Despite distances of a few hundred to a few thousand miles between us, no fewer than four Planet Waves staffers found themselves under the weather this week. Upon investigating the theme of ‘wellness’ in the archives, this gem highlighting the holistic aspect of health caught my eye. It’s good to remember we really are just goldfish in the same bowl. In case you’re wondering how you can get access to the horoscope archives to investigate on your own, it comes with every subscription to Planet Waves Astrology News and Planet Waves Light.

April 4, 2003 – Cancer – Weekly

Those who take care of aquarium fish know that the health of the water is the health of the critters who live in it. If you have a problem with the fish, test the water, nourish and help the water. Life is an interconnected network, and this is the dominant quality of your sign. Perhaps that’s why ancient astrologers put the emphasis on family bonding on the sign Cancer. You are in a stage of life when the health of your family and community is the same thing as your own health. Work for the wellness of the whole, and work for seeing contact points where either healing or difficulty are transmitted. There is more to this holistic approach than you may imagine. A single individual within a group dynamic who is struggling can throw off the energy of everyone close by. It may not always be possible to know what’s happening — but look for clues within certain distinctive one-to-one partnerships.

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