Wednesday — Audio Ready

Good morning — your weekly audio is done. I take a look at the repercussions of Monday’s New Moon in Leo (opposite Nessus and Damocles), as well as Mercury warming up to its retrograde.

In the mix, I offer a review of the Aug. 11, 1999 (yes, 1999) total solar eclipse and grand cross in Leo/fixed signs (of which today is the anniversary) — and I reference the Burning Man series of articles, which you can find at this link. In case you’re interested — this is a long read, but a fun one — it’s a glimpse into the world before the Sept. 11 false flag terrorist attacks, before the year 2000, before Bush and Cheney — a look at the direction things were going. Clue — there was some violence in the air.

In this audio I look at the Saturn-Pluto square coming a little later in the month — which happens at the same time (as in the same day) as the Sun opposite the Chiron/Neptune conjunction. The exact date of that is Aug. 21 and we are very much under its influence right now. Thankfully this is the last of Saturn making stressful aspects to outer planets for a while — we have had enough the past 10 years, as Saturn has opposed Pluto (three events), Neptune (three events) and Uranus (five events) in that order, and is now square Pluto for the third and last time. That’s a lot of Saturn aspects in a short time.

Later today, if all goes well, or mostly well, I plan to do the Leo birthday audio and will send out an announcement tomorrow. If there is any call for the Capricorn birthday report, which would be a bit retro but right on time for the Saturn-Pluto square, please say so and I will do that as well.

Also note, we’ve updated the footer to each blog post on the Planet Waves main blog and it now includes three monthly horoscopes for those who aren’t current subscribers or who haven’t read my horoscopes in the past. I write a different kind of horoscope than you may be accustomed to. You’re invited to see for yourself…
Eric Francis

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  1. Melinda says:

    Thank you for making things make a little more sense– I feel less like a snippy asshole after hearing what’s going on above and around me. You’re good, Eric Francis.

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