Weekend Astrology – March 12-14, 2010

Monday's Pisces New Moon, set for New York.

This weekend’s astrology brings us lots of Aquarius and Pisces — heading into a spectacular Pisces New Moon on Monday.

Today and Saturday the Moon is in Aquarius. Lots of planets are in both of those signs, as shown in the chart detail to the left, which is for the exact moment of the New Moon on Monday. Between now and then, the Moon will make a series of conjunctions to all of those planets (in Aquarius and Pisces), which can feel like a change of mood every six hours. The days approaching any New Moon can feel like something rapidly coming to closure and can arrive with an odd sort of psychic pressure; it’s easier if you’re aware what’s happening.

The New Moon chart is pretty spectacular by itself — a kind of breakthrough. The New Moon is really an alignment of four planets — Moon, Sun, Mercury and Uranus –В  with Jupiter close behind. This is a lunation that looks like it’s either a fabulous creative breakthrough, but for those who are not quite in tune with creative energy, it could be a bit stressful. Therefore, stay on the creative side of the equation and let your imagination run free.

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