Weekend Astrology: Equinox

This weekend is the vernal equinox — the Sun enters Aries on Saturday just past noon Eastern Time. Until then the Sun is lingering in the last degree of Pisces, leaving us feeling like we’re in a kind of between-the-worlds state; this is true of any solar sign change but particularly of the Pisces-Aries threshold. Looked at another way, night and day are teetering on the same length; tonight is the last night where it’s dark longer than it is light, until the autumnal equinox in September. So we have that feeling of something in a delicate balance — something, that is, being existence.

Aries Equinox is the moment the Sun crosses the Aries Point. As I’ve described in the current Astrology News, this is an extraordinary spring we are approaching, with many of the unusual events happening in June; but today let’s focus on the equinox chart. If you’re curious about June’s events, check in Cosmic Confidential, where I take up the astrology personally for the 12 signs, or Astrology News, where I take it up as a cultural question.

One interesting thing about this equinox is that the Sun is opposite Saturn. This is one of many oppositions we have in the neighborhood, and it’s a focusing, grounding energy. Saturn offers some encouragement to stay away from needless contention and to explore the useful kind of human engagement. Sun-Saturn is a great time to get a work done — not necessarily in harmony with equinox weather. But we’re in this awesome moment for discipline and also for clear focus on relationships. If you’re into kinkier stuff, you can be in tune with the stars and have some fun with bondage and discipline play.

Now for a new topic, and I do mean new to astrology — Eris. There are currently three major planets in Aries, so the territory is already warm: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Eris. What’s fun is that we will have soon three conjunctions to Eris by personal planets, in order — Mercury, Venus and then finally the Sun.

One thing I am proposing and have written more about in the monthly horoscope intro (coming out to subscribers Tuesday) is that we have a moment of proving for Eris: we get to see what this energy is about. One of the ways you can test a new planet is by checking with other planets are in conjunction and seeing what results you get.

Recently I added the keyword “truthteller” to Eris — from that true-to-life episode wherein Stephen Colbert took on Bush at the White House Correspondent’s dinner; and then he took on the press; and then the public; all about the lies associated with the Bush administration. That aspect: Mercury conjunct Eris. The beauty of that move was its precision and its amazing quality — and its success. When asked later how he got away with it, Colbert said that he knew he had good material. I reckon he knew he had an incomparable opportunity and let the Lord speak through him and his writing team.

So here we have this image of Mercury-Eris as one who tells the truth but who doesn’t mess around. It’s not about rabble rousing: there is Chiron-like precision to this aspect. Now we can test out that theory when Mercury goes past Eris on March 28. Before that happens, Venus gets there. That would be on March 24, which will be another theme; I will cover that in a couple of days, closer to the event.

The Sun is conjunct Eris on April 11. So if you’re curious about Eris, note those dates and let’s see what we learn.

This spring is all about Aries. While we still have a lot of action in Pisces as of today, by June two key planets have moved into Aries — Uranus for the first time in more than 75 years; and Jupiter for the first time in more than a decade.

We see and feel and partake in the world changing with that astrology — the subject of my lead article in this morning’s subscriber edition, called, “Cosmic Equinox or the Anti-Sixties?”

Thanks for checking in. See you over at Planet Waves.

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