Weekend astrology: May 14, 2010

Dear Friend and Reader:

Mercury has stationed direct, we’ve just passed the New Moon, and we have some clear astrological weather. It’s rare to have so many planets moving in favor of so many different signs. As I’ve suggested many times, this is a highly unusual season.

We are seeing it in the strange state of the world, and the sense that events are running out of control. And yet for individuals, the times are ripe for growth, for change, for progress. We’re in a mirror moment of 1969, when so much changed so fast — only the approaching energy is Aries rather than Libra. As I described in today’s edition of Astrology News, the quality of the aspects is about self-discovery, becoming real, and actualizing your potential. The next three to four weeks represent the one of the peaks of what we’re think of as ‘2012″ — yes, right here, right now.

This weekend the Moon will be in Gemini. The Sun is heading toward the last degrees of Taurus; it will change signs to Gemini on May 20.

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  1. zk says:

    Hi Eric,

    Do you think this is useful for a Gemini ascendant? And if so, is it as if we turn it down a notch or shave off %30?

    I never did know how to read about my ascendant or moon other than in a casual and light way….but that doesn’t seem as powerful.

    Thank you!

    (and thank you, for all the rest.)


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