‘Your potential for love is expanding’

Greetings! I am back to updating the Cosmic Confidential Diary after a few very dynamic days away. In the interest of a smooth re-entry into daily life on the blog, I searched for an archived horoscope that might speak to my recent experiences in a very special community. I found the perfect match in this Scorpio horoscope from 2000.

Feb. 11, 2000 – Scorpio – Weekly

I’ve been getting loads of mail about an article on the Planet Waves web page about something called “compersion” — that is, the love we feel when others feel love, or the love others feel when we love someone besides them. Our models of relationships parallel our market economy, where everything can be arranged with the swipe of a plastic card. We do indeed take people as property, we use them as such, and typically dispose of them when we’re finished, often feeling like we were the ones who were used. Compersion, that is, a concept of love that includes freedom as its main ingredient, is often seen as a radical idea. It may be, but surely, with the way your potential for love is expanding every day, it also would be a very practical one.

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