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A Future Investigation

Dear Friend and Reader:

For years, I’ve been looking at the astrology of our current era thinking, This looks like an extended moment of clarity, followed by a series of setbacks, mixed in with a stunning awakening, followed by a revolt. I’ve often wondered just what could possibly wake anyone up, what would qualify as a setback, and what the revolt would be about. And I’ve wondered where that fits into my vision of the Western world, whose citizens seem ready to give up their power the moment they’re asked.

Wildflowers grow through the ruins of Delos, one of the most cosmopolitan civilizations of Ancient Greece. Photo by Eric.

The moment of clarity appeared as Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune (still ongoing, as Chiron and Neptune remain in an exact conjunction). In the United States, we started to see the lie of capitalism. Many events in 2008 and 2009 reminded each of us that our life support systems — banking, government, health care — are fragile, stressed and controlled by people with an agenda not especially friendly to living things. Many had, and are having, all their material gains consumed back by the system that supposedly provided them. We discovered that huge banks were really debt-leveraged 68:1, while their managers take multimillion-dollar bonuses. We discovered that the Senate is not a democratic body; that the minority rules.

Aquarius, where this conjunction is happening, is the sign of populism, elitist style. In these years, sides were drawn. Barack Obama was elected president, and inherited two wars, a massive recession and a harshly divided legislature and public. Whatever you can say about ‘conservatives’, they are terrible losers. Whatever you can say about ‘liberals’, they are not such good winners.

The setbacks showed up as the current series of Saturn-Pluto squares. Studying history, you see that Saturn and Pluto in any quadrature aspect (conjunction, square, opposition) typically arrive with some kind of reactionary/conservative push back. As this aspect built we went through a spell of Dick Cheney not being able to contain himself, issuing ‘statements’ that the media ate like marshmallows. We saw a movement arise around Sarah Palin and her book. We saw one senator from Connecticut hijack the health care issue, killing the public option and the Medicare opt-in. Then a new senator got elected on the platform of killing the whole idea.

Then last week, the United States Supreme Court ruled that giant multinational corporations have the free speech rights of people, giving them unfettered power to sway elections far beyond the ability of any mortal. As this happened, the news was dominated by the Haiti earthquake and the loss of the Democrats’ supposed supermajority in the Senate: both newsworthy, but nothing like the Supreme Court’s stunning decision. I doubt most people could state the issue in a few sentences.

There are still two more Saturn-Pluto squares yet to happen, both in 2010. One is in a few days of when I am writing (on Jan. 31) and then again on Aug. 21. The second and third events are not usually as potent, but it helps if we learn how to use the energy, which in this case is about restructuring.

Note, Saturn is still making a series of oppositions to Uranus as well. Either of these alone (Saturn to Pluto, or Saturn to Uranus) would be extremely tense. That they are happening at the same time is the ‘unbearable stress’ feeling of the era we live in. I would say get used to it, but what I really mean is, learn how to make it work for you.

Pluto has a long way to go in Capricorn; this is either the corporate/military/banking machine collapsing on itself; or it’s the rise of corporatism; or it’s an opening being created for a more progressive system to emerge. This third potential is inevitable, but it’s going to be subtle for a while because most people do not have the skills to build something.

View from inside the Cave of Kynthos, place of worship of Heracles, on the sacred isle of Delos, with its view of the ancient harbor. Delos, near Mykonos, was the mecca of the Greek world between the 7th and 1st centuries BCE. The first cosmopolitan center of Europe, the island has laid in ruins since it was sacked in 69 BCE. Photo by Eric Francis.

We can consume; we can drive a car, more or less; we can get ourselves to work, most of the time; but that is different than building a structure that contains the solution to some need. Usually that is based on necessity. If the very large systems that supported our lives fail to do so, we will create smaller ones. As usual, the people with the resources and the skills will have the power.

A significant element of what we need are leadership skills designed for a new time in history. That includes the skill of leading, and it includes the skill of being led while we retain some independence. We think we need to be told what to do, and we dump too much responsibility on those we call leaders. Both modes need to change and a new kind of social organization pattern will need to emerge, if we want to preserve any freedom and flexibility, and the potential for sustainability.

This is part of embracing the Saturn principle: the inner structure of authority. In true Saturn style, we will face dire consequences if we do not. Part of our inability to lead or be led on any kind of fair basis means that power concentrates at the top and forces us into games of politics. If we want to know where politics comes from, we need to look at ourselves: at what persuades us to do or think something, for instance. We need to look at what power we allegedly respect. We tend, in our culture, to worship corporations.

Corporatism is another word for fascism, which is not usually spoken in polite company. If you say fascism you risk sounding like Glenn Beck talking about Commiesocialism (he really means commercialism), except for one bit: fascism is technically and historically accurate. Fascism American style is not jackboots and machine guns, but rather the merging of the state with corporations (as in fact happened in Germany in the 1930s — the nationalization of companies, which became instruments of the state). It’s about banks seizing millions of family farms and installing agribusiness during the Great Depression. It’s about concentration camps of economic and technological ghettos.

In the United States, this is now tinted a friendly color by the media and the public relations industry: a bailout to save the economy, for example. We do it all for you. Bank of America allegedly loans a billion a day, at least in-universe of their TV commercials. As banks close sometimes five in a day, we have another wake-up call, but no awakening. We have some internalized anger but exceedingly little expression of indignation. I am not inclined to predict such: in his book about the Joad family, Steinbeck said that the grapes of wrath were growing heavy for the vineyard. What really happened was not a revolution but World War II, which began the military-based economy that we are seeing keel over.

Aquifer on the ancient island of Delos, the first cosmopolitan center of Europe and place of worship of the gods and goddesses. Photo by Eric Francis.

Yet a revolt shows up in the planets, undeniably. This starts with the Uranus-Pluto series of squares: seven of them, between 2012 and 2015. Usually when outer planets meet, they go on just three dates and move along. This time around, Uranus and Pluto meet over and over again for three years.

That looks like a revolution. This, too, is confirmed by history; we have republished a generous portion from Richard Tarnas’s book Cosmos and Psyche called “Epochs of Revolution”, about the Uranus-Pluto cycle. Occurring in the hot cardinal signs, close to the Aries Point, the events associated with this series of squares brings in a lot of people and some militant passions.

With some concern, I’ve long wondered what exactly we might be rebelling against. I am starting to get my answer; or part of it. It’s who would be doing the rebelling that I find disturbing. So far, those who think they can make a difference tend to get their information from Fox News. The intuitive part of that is that Fox News openly calls for revolt against the government; but it’s basically a fascist revolt against a republic: short sighted, if you ask me.

I understand that plenty of people, betrayed by the system they long supported and waved the flag for, can barely pay the bills. Many need medication for depression (for which they pay a price higher than the copay). We have endured decades of shut-down impulses, incentives and events that have left many people barely able to feel their existence. There are many people with no friends. Many with no heat, living on instant soup cups. Many who fell into their iPhone and never came out. Many taking care of autistic kids, many taking care of their cancer and many terrified of getting it, with good reason. Many taking care of loved ones with dementia and Iraq vets with brain trauma. I keep wondering when military families are going to revolt; but the problem is the ones who might are too busy taking care of their vet, or grieving a loss.

Now for a question: what exactly are we supposed to do, in the midst of this? Be grateful we don’t have it worse? I don’t think that qualifies as the meaning of life. Keep your head down, so nobody notices you’re awake? I don’t think that qualifies as enlightenment.

View of the interior of the temple of Hermes, the god of merchants, on the isle of Delos on the Aegean Sea. Archeological evidence suggests the building was probably also used as a fraternity or social club of some kind. Photo by Eric Francis.

I would say we need to cultivate and practice the art of bravery, which is the opposite of fear; of movement, which is the opposite of paralysis; and participation, which is the opposite of apathy. We, the good people, who think we know what is going on, need to build these three skills, without the hope of some reward coming. We need to do it for its own sake.

We need to practice the art of applying our skills. I know many, countless, people who have skills they don’t use.

We need to practice the art of learning new skills, particularly technological and communication oriented. We think we’re great communicators; really, we’re good at sending one another videos.

We need to learn how not to be so lazy. In our world of remote control, auto-mode, we have this idea that we need to do nothing for something to happen. We need a different mental orientation for the times that are dawning.

There is a lot we could say about the aspects of 2010, though there is one that stands out above all others. It’s the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in the first degree of Aries (on June 8). This is an Aries Point event, precisely to the degree. There is a series of three Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions, of which this is the first. Yet the second two, occurring in Pisces, have a more reflective, receptive feeling that seems to be a response to the first event. I don’t doubt that they are moments of awakening, though it’s more inwardly directed than visible and outward. The Aries Point quality of the first event has a distinct feeling of both individual awakening and group initiation, and an event that is extroverted or expressive in nature.

In Esoteric Astrology, the Tibetan Djwhal Khul (speaking through Alice Bailey) makes a distinction that may be useful in understanding how to work with this aspect. He describes the difference between mass consciousness and group consciousness. What distinguishes mass from a group is the degree of individuation of those involved. A group involves individuals; a mass involves people who are not aware of their individuality; who are not self-conscious.

At the moment, many people who are individuating are afraid to be involved with groups, fearing that they might ‘lose their individuality’. To them I would say, don’t worry; you cannot give up what you do not have.

Since we are individuals, the question must be directed to individuals. So I will ask it here: What’s your role in the changes that are now underway? What do you want to do, and to learn? What do you want to experience?

What do you want?

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

6 Responses to “A Future Investigation”

  1. Suzette says:

    I will send this one on to friends.
    it is so important what you write.
    Who needs CNN when you are there?

  2. Racquel says:

    These quotes entered my head as I read your future investigation.

    As it was …
    ‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Anon’

    As it is …
    ‘Many people sit around waiting for the world to discover them, and that rarely happens.

    If you move toward your goals, expressing all your power, opportunity will find you as a result of your actions.

    For by riding your energy, knowing and believing your higher Self is with you, you will be in the right place, at the right time.

    But make the first move, taking constant care to purify and review your life; move from negative habits into the fortress of light.

    Discipline is the horse you ride. Stuart Wilde’

    As it will be …

    ‘Live your beliefs & you can turn the world around. Thoreau’

    Sincere thanks to you Eric from a cousin across the pond in the UK

  3. Triza says:

    Visionary, with great loving pratical application, as usual Eric. This transcending of fear – the greatest social disease – and you’re one of our wayshowers into consciousness awareness of grasping who we really are. That’s why I’ve been you since 1999. Beautiful and thanks..

  4. Anthony says:


    Yet another brilliant essay that speaks deeply and wisely to the central issues of our time.


    PS Your Cosmic Confidential for Aries (such as myself) hit the bullseye!

  5. magic says:

    Very much appreciated the above, but I believe rather than increasing our technical skills we may want to learn or relearn the basics. I meet dozens of people every week who don’t know about food (what is food – it doesn’t come in a box, what’s in season, how to prepare it), clothing (other than how to shop) and shelter. Our ignorance of how to support ourselves keeps us enslaved to our current dysfunctional system. Too many are already so enraptured with technology they’ve forgotten that they are of the earth.

  6. Linda says:

    Reading this over a month after it was written – the photos kept reminding me of how Greece’s Goldman Sachs-coordinated debt problem has come to light in the meantime – sending ripples through Europe and the rest of the world.

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