Astrology for a World on the Edge

Dear Friend and Reader:

This is Cosmic Confidential, the 12th annual edition of Planet Waves.

It now exists, against some long odds: we’ve worked through Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde, two eclipses and a lot of other astrology going off. Meanwhile, apropos of the moment, the news was a runaway train. It seemed like every time I would get settled back into writing, some other event was calling me to do the chart of God knows what and to be there for the Planet Waves blogging team, so we could fulfill our role as cosmic news desk and for some, psychic bomb shelter. But: your reading is done, and waiting for you.

Though Planet Waves is a news service, Cosmic Confidential is entirely about you. I have lavished attention on the individual sign readings this year, putting in at least double the time, energy and research as usual. My objective: how can I get as much high-quality astrological information into the hands of as many people as possible, for as little money as possible?

The readings are each about 4,500 words. Plus, each sign gets three pages of extra materials: generous selections from past annual editions, reader responses to my queries about how you’re living out your astrology, and a page of resources and out-takes. For many of the signs, I cut large swaths of text, but I’ve preserved most of them in the out-takes section, which gives an alternative view or covers a topic not included in the main reading. The navigation for these pages is across the top of your sign.

Each sign includes substantial information about professional and creative activities, financial strategies, and thoughts about relationships and sex: and all of it is focused on the theme of not just keeping your sanity, but rising to the occasion of a world gone wild.

That I can create this stuff without your birth date is a testament to what can be done with Sun sign astrology. I maintain that this kind of reading — a long essay on your Sun sign — is more effective and more useful than a “custom report” generated from a database. Even though you gave the database your birth date, no astrologer actually sees your chart; nobody takes up the whole matter of your reading holistically. Though I may neither talk to you nor see your chart, what you get from Cosmic Confidential is a whole reading of the planets as they really are, and as they affect you. The interpretations work with interwoven themes; they refer to real events; they combine natal astrology and transits beautifully, in a fresh and engaging way.

Cosmic Confidential is designed as an interactive community. Each sign’s reading is open for comments and questions. I will respond to as many of these as I can, so take a moment to participate there and share your thoughts, ideas and queries.

Then there are articles; these are on the main contents page. You can get there from any page on the website. There are more articles coming: I didn’t write one called “The One and the Many” (offering a new theory of relationships); I have not finished the transit readings (though they are researched and awaiting my final draft), and I haven’t done the United States charts yet. What’s up is fun and generous: my favorite is called “Everything Old is New Again.” There is a mini-series on Saturn. There’s a generous excerpt from Cosmos and Psyche, courtesy of Richard Tarnas.

Once you read one sign, you’re likely to want to read more. I have a suggestion: get the other signs before the price goes up, or upgrade to all 12 while you subscribe or extend your subscription to Planet Waves. The combined offer (Planet Waves plus all 12 signs) is truly the best deal, in a time when pennies, dimes and dollars count: but not as much as quality.

Cosmic Confidential is designed to be a lasting resource: astrology for a world on the edge.

Eric Francis

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