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Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)

You depend on your intelligence; there are few more valid astrological truisms than descriptions of that unique Aquarian gift of reason, rationality and the kind of cleverness that lends itself impeccably to engineering. Yet your astrology is now calling you in a different psychic direction. You have by now felt the strong pull toward organizing your life around hearth and home. You have observed your intuition go from something that you doubted to something that you depend upon like a trusted friend.

This journey is related to something else you’re going through, which is evaluating, questioning and rejecting so many of the things you believed in the past. What you are seeing is that often, you perceived they were true because you believed in them. You’ve learned to take nothing for granted. Now a new clarity is taking over your life, based on a deep devotion to accurate perception that you’re embracing eagerly. For years along the way to this moment, it has seemed as if something was being taken away from you — as if your ideals were losing validity, which was a personal loss. Yet having discarded so much as false, you now have room for what is true and authentic. Having seen yourself for who you are, you can afford to allow others to witness your life. You have no need for ‘idealization’.

One theme you’ve become concerned with is justice, which is a worthy mission on Earth. There seems to be so little of it in the world, and you know you have something to offer here. I suggest you start on the controversial subject of love, where supposedly all is fair and for many, is akin to war. This is the first place to seek justice; love bestows incredible power, particularly over those whose lives have been defined by isolation. You’re the one in the position of holding a standard of fairness, which begins with authenticity. You are the one who sets the conditions on unconditional love, and the truth is, you can afford to be generous. This will connect you with a deep part of yourself that doesn’t always get a voice: a passionate maternal quality, which nourishes existence from the inside out. [End of short annual.]

Aquarius Out Take: Pluto in Capricorn and the 12th House

An Inner Journey Through Time

Capricorn, the sign before your own, is one of the most influential in your life. The sign before your own is called the solar 12th house in astrology, and it is like the hidden self. What is interesting is that unlike any other sign, your primary sign and your hidden sign are ruled by the same planet: Saturn. True, many modern astrologers have forgotten about this and use Uranus as the only ruler of Aquarius; but it is wise to honor tradition, even if it is not so wise to blindly follow it. Apropos, since Capricorn is the sign of tradition and history.

For you personally, it’s the sign of your deep unconscious. If you want to know why your personality is split between being a futuristic space cadet and a deep traditionalist, here is an image of why.

Yet of all the archetypes in astrology, Pluto and the 12th house stand out as two of the most daunting. Pluto brings the imminence of change and the confrontation with ‘ultimate truth’. Put the two together and the result can be a journey through the many dimensions of alternate existence; nonexistence; and some truly strange psychological states. Both Pluto and the 12th can feel deeply isolating; together they represent a solitary journey along the edges of consciousness. Combined with what is developing in your intimate relationships — a feeling signified by Mars retrograde in Leo — in many ways you may feel like you are alone in the world. I don’t mean alone in the sense of nothing to do on Friday night; more like those scenes at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey — the cosmic kind of alone, set apart from space and time.

I know that if you’re someone who likes to spend time at the mall and runs around delivering your kids places all afternoon, you may think I’m talking about science fiction: but that is precisely the point; we are talking about part of your awareness that is separate from the ‘real world’ opening up. This is the source of intuition, and of wisdom, and it comes from deep within you, often at the seeming expense of social contact. For an Aquarian, so determined to be part of the world around you, this may be troubling, but for sure this experience is feeding the deeply individualistic aspect of your nature.

Yes, this is something of an astrological trial by fire. Yet you have grounding and stability, implied strongly by Saturn, Aquarius and the scene of this journey — Capricorn. This transit is giving you access to the past, the deep past that most living people have forgotten; and your own past, which is contained in your genetic material and in your unconscious mind; the part of your mind that you don’t usually access, but which is active all the time.

Has your dream pattern changed during the past year? That will be one of the main ways you interact with Pluto through Capricorn, though other points of access to the 12th house include meditation, cannabis and stronger entheogenic drugs, vision questing, journeying and fasting — in essence, anything that evokes the experience of your parallel reality/realities. These might also include holotropic breathwork or rebirthing. I do not recommend sГ©ances or psychic readings, given the highly polarized nature of these activities.

The 12th house is the shamanic realm; the unmanifest dimension. It is the place where you go to find your soul, or at least to feel its presence in the universe. And Pluto is calling you in this direction every moment: inwardly, but toward a different kind of inward than you’ve ever considered. Even if you make no conscious attempt to experience these things, the course of your existence will guide you into a new level of awareness that changes your sense of presence within your own awareness.

One rather beautiful feature of this journey for you is the awareness of the past. It’s as if Pluto is opening up all the compartments of Capricorn and releasing bits of ancient history to you. This history might go back to your childhood or prenatal epoch; or you may find yourself journeying through the history of your family, or of the world. I suggest that this year you make one visit to someplace that predates our civilization. You do not need to go millions of miles: even in the United States (principally in the southwest) you can see evidence of cultures long predating the arrival of Europeans.

Another thing you would enjoy is visiting things that are extremely large: the Hoover Dam comes to mind, or any dauntingly large structure that shifts your sense of scale and perspective. A trip the Kennedy Space Center would work; spending time in a massive university library (not just a visit, but a series of expeditions, perhaps involved with a research project), if there is one near your home, would be helpful.

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