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Short annual, for Aries

Aries (March 20-April 19)

Yes, you are still searching for yourself, and still trying to find your voice. This takes a while, and it’s always worth the effort. But I would ask you: how much of your struggle ‘finding yourself’ involves figuring out what you want? And how much involves being honest with yourself about what you want? In another universe, one where personal volition (and its twin, personal responsibility) were actually honored, this might not be the primary question. Yet in a world where we have the right to desire, but so little self-awareness and nearly no sense that our choices matter, that is another question.

You’re becoming bolder about your quest for inner awareness, if only out of dire necessity, though more likely you’ve felt what a rush it is to wake up to your own beauty. Yet at times I am sure you wonder where you’re going to find the energy and motivation to work through the kinds of limitations you feel confronted by every day. Recently, you’ve been willing to look right into the face of your internal challenges, and not be as daunted as in the past. You see your challenges as an obstacle to something, which means something you want; and as a result you’re noting that it in fact exists. You could far more easily be direct with yourself, and suspend the guilt trip that stands between you and your right to exist.

You’re in a focusing phase right now. You are literally learning to see, to feel and to sense the future. Much of this involves an evaluation of your environment, and the ways in which you’re influenced by the people around you. You’re also deeply impacted by numerous messages that come from advertising, so-called news and from imitation culture. Choose your influences carefully. Be careful who you look to for a reflection. Even as you find your freedom, you have the not-so-small matter of authority creeping into your life everywhere. One of the most significant themes of your immediate and long-term astrology involves redefining your relationship to that which has power over you: and beware, most of these factors are hidden. Find the courage to challenge any authority when your moment of absolute awakening arrives: and that moment is approaching rapidly.

This chart is for the Aries ingress of the Sun, or the vernal equinox. Other charts to check are the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the first degree of Aries.

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