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Cancer short annual, out-takes and resources

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

You have so much to offer, and the deep need to share it. If you could make peace with this fact of your existence, your life would be so much simpler. And if astrology is any indication, you will have some extraordinary opportunities to share and make your mark as the next few seasons unfold. These are likely to be disguised as unprecedented success and an expanded role in the world.

Yet often you have your doubts of that role. Simply put, you have long been nursing an injury to your confidence. And when you look at it and question that sense of injury, it can seem ridiculous. Here is an analogy: On Earth, people and industry are constantly digging their energy out of the ground as coal and oil, which we burn, to our detriment. The Sun is giving off energy constantly, but the notion of gathering that energy still seems like an exotic concept. Now, if you were the Sun, would you take this personally?

As a person, especially one as sensitive as you are, you do take it personally. You not only wonder why people are not more receptive of your generosity; you devote yourself to life, then make value judgments about yourself based on their lack of response. Here’s where what I will call the fictional piece enters the equation. You make up a story about your personal worth based on what you think that others think. This is, in turn, colored by your perceptions. Consider this equation as you continue your long-overdue overhaul of your outdated ideas about relationships.

Focus on trust, above all else. There is a vast issue in the world about people not trusting being nourished; not trusting those who offer nourishment; and a good bit of resentment to go along with this global emotional mess. You may think you need love and be loved. What I propose you need are bonds based on mutual understanding, grounded expectations and a foundation of goodwill. If you falter in your trust of yourself, you will open the door to those who you don’t trust. You can be sure this has happened when you encounter resentment. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your success — or even notice it — you must be vigilant, and hold yourself in high esteem.

Long Out Take from Cancer Confidential

(Some of this may have made it into the final draft. It’s from draft 2 or 3.)

To many, money is the only thing of value; the only measure of human worth; not merely a reward, but a thing to be rewarded; something entitled to exist for its own sake. You have a different set of concepts around money, and I suggest you claim them as your own. This is closely related to recognizing and claiming your value in every other way, though the conversation is likely to begin with money and come back to money. Regardless of the course you take, I suggest that you not agonize over any issue: rather, that you take action based on what you know to be true. That action will feel more than anything like aligning with yourself.

Part of how you will get there is by aligning with the times in your past when you did not value yourself or recognize your value in the eyes of others, even though it was obvious. I understand that most people don’t exactly spill their hearts about how important people are to them (though you have a tendency to be demonstrative about who and what you value, one that it would be unproductive to resist).

Because what matters the most to you is so different than what seems to make a difference in the world around you, you often feel like you’re working at cross-purposes with yourself. That is to say, you can take on the burden of the world’s lack of values, a policy you might want to consider the wisdom of. You are indeed a teacher and an innovator, but you teach by example more than anything. By that, I mean to say that if you’re concerned with sending a message to the world, do so by valuing yourself. The thing is, once you set this agenda, you may discover that everything you do expresses your value for yourself, or lack thereof.

Here, I can give you a simple formula to know the difference. Where you are experiencing frustration or the sense that you don’t belong somewhere, you’ve got a value issue. If you find yourself feeling irritated or angry, whether at yourself or at anyone else, you’ve got a value issue. Due to your psychic structure, whether you doubt yourself or whether someone else doubts you will amount to the same kind of stumbling block. That doubt can show up in the form of people having authority issues with you; it can come in the form of you doubting your own authority. Looked at one way, Mars retrograde in Leo is much more closely related to whether your authority is valued than any other factor. Yes, money is an issue and self-esteem is an issue; but how you relate to being in authority, to others in authority and moreover to your own presence as a guiding influence is the heart of the matter.

Currently, this relates closely to your professional worth. The astrology is easy enough to follow. Mars (which rules Aries, your solar 10th house of reputation and achievement) is retrograde in Leo (your solar 2nd house of self-worth, self-value, resources and what you hold to be important). We have some highly specific issues about establishing your professional worth at this time in your life, but I would propose emphatically that this conversation is about monetary worth only on one rather shallow level.

Your professional worth comes down to whether you, as a person, are valued in your leadership role; for your ideas; for what you contribute. Yet before we take one step into your environment, the entire matter begins with whether you value yourself for these things; and as you discover the truth of that issue, you will begin to go through a series of changes that alter the way you feel to yourself and by extension to others. This is a crucial question this year, and Mars retrograde (which extends into the late winter and will have effects that work out through the entire spring). This is crucial practice territory for a development later in the year that has the potential to completely rewrite the story of your professional and creative life with opportunity.

Many factors — in particular the 2nd house, the deeply personal nature of Mars, and the fact of the retrograde — indicate that you will open the way to truly great benefit by working from the inside out, for a while. Events are indeed going to manifest in your life, and six months from today you are likely to find yourself in an entirely different position in life. Yet much of that success is contingent on working with the internal nature of this transit, before events of the world begin to take precedence, approximately in June).

Because the 2nd house relates to money, let’s check in with that topic. Money is an indicator for you, a kind of bellwether of your overall condition in life. This extends to how you feel about your resources and whether they are worth anything.

You could make a list of everything you categorize as a financial issue, and then write on top of the list, “This is how I feel about myself,” and you would have an accurate, useful summary. Much of this involves how you relate to what you want in the material world. What story do you tell yourself about those desires? What rationalizations do you make? I suggest you study the relationship between what you want and what you have to offer.

Next, I suggest you question the basis of that assessment. Worth is generally a comparison. It is a relative estimation. A cigarette lighter may be of little worth in a bar, where nearly everyone has one; but if you’re stuck in the wilderness, it could save your life. Likewise, you estimate your worth based on certain comparisons to your environment and to others who are making contributions to the world. So the question is, what is your reference?

Here is an example. Is someone else’s contribution the reference, or is your contribution the reference? Your own particular constitution suggests that you use yourself as the reference point. Mars retrograde is a reference to history. You have some of that — I suggest you look back through the years and the decades of your life and consider what you consistently value about yourself over long periods of time. It may be something tangible, such as your ability to focus a group effort; it may be something less tangible, like a commitment to leaving the environments you come into contact with a better place.

Now, here is the deeper question: how do these values work against you? Or rather, how do you allow them to be used against you, or find yourself in situations where what you have to offer ends up resulting in a personal loss of some kind? One of the crucial lessons of this time in your life is learning how to allow your value to work for you rather than against you. That, in turn, will allow you to see how your value works for others; and the equation is: what works for you is more likely to work for them; what does not work for you is much less likely to support your environment.

Freud said that money issues involve unresolved material around father. Once father issues have been resolved, money issues work themselves out more naturally. The point of whether this involves mother or father has been debated by psychology for a century, though the father angle is worth considering as one born under the sign Cancer.

Because of your lunar orientation and your inherently nurturing nature, paternal strength may be not only alien to you, but something you have sought over and over again in the world and never quite found. In an ideal world, father is the source of structure, protection and a last line of defense when all else fails. What he taught us helps establish our relationship to the world beyond ‘our mother’s garden’.

Given the Leo nature of this transit, I suggest you make a careful study of how your father felt about you, and your value to the world. Consider not just how he felt about you, but how he felt about the kinds of things that you offer to the world. As a Cancer your orientation will be naturally to take care of the world; to nurture and nourish and leave it a better place than you found it. And there is a message: take care of the world a little more like a father than like a mother — whatever that means to you. You are on a search for your deepest inner masculine attributes. This subject has taken me a bit by surprise — but it seems to have some value. So I’d like to add a section on this idea, looking at how it’s likely to manifest in your inner world and your relationships.

One Other Out Take re Eris in the 10th

Eris is in your solar 10th house and has been since you were born. This is part of why you may not know what you want to be when you grow up. Here are some notes.


Eris in the 10th house since you were born — multifaceted approach to career; a profession without definitions; difficulty having a boss; but the cost for this is a high level of initiative and self-motivation.

Now comes the test of whether you can make this happen. So much of your astrology in recent years has been about what happens to you; the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is a demonstration of what you can do in the world, under the power of your own innovation, effort and awareness.

Your need for action may feel militant, assertive or even aggressive; it’s an appropriate response to the incoming energies and the opportunities they symbolize. There is something here about a complete break from the past. Yet at the same time, as this scenario develops, there is a return to your root vision, going behind the scenes of your own drive for success to the vision that is influencing it. This may feel like putting the cart ahead of the horse: achievement first, visioning second, but this is a vision you have maintained for a long time, and with which you’re deeply familiar.

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  1. Kyla says:

    For some reason I came first off to the Mars retro outtake (kind of like the poetry of that phrase actually) and found this of immediate usefulness:

    “Your professional worth comes down to whether you, as a person, are valued in your leadership role; for your ideas; for what you contribute. Yet before we take one step into your environment, the entire matter begins with whether you value yourself for these things; and as you discover the truth of that issue, you will begin to go through a series of changes that alter the way you feel to yourself and by extension to others.”

    One of those things “everyone knows” and yet somehow this statement of it gave me access to a process of discovery that is very timely and very needed in my life.

    Way cool! thank you!

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