Mars Retrograde: Wanting and Intention

Dear Friend and Reader:

I had worked for months on the 2010 charts and much longer for some leading into 2011 and 2012, but the process that started to unfold first was Mars retrograde in Leo. That was the bit that started making words, easily, because it seemed connected to a motor; that would be Mars and Leo, two fiery energies we need to employ if we want to get things done.

It was working out Leo Confidential that I discovered that Mars is asking a question: What do you want? Midway through Leo, I burrowed into the Abraham-Hicks material, which basically says that wanting is what drives the human universe. Not the American economy, but all events; and that things go better, not worse, when we want consciously.

Metaphysical ideas are rarely proven, but they are demonstrated through use. Abraham’s message seems to be that without wanting, nothing happens except a lot of mishaps; then we figure out what we want and convince ourselves that it’s possible; and then we usually get there. In the end, contact is made through desire; success comes from wanting it enough to do something about it. Without the actual wanting, the alignment of desire, all the action in the world will not do anything.

To work with this idea, one must move through and sort out a few taboos. The Buddhists have cursed wanting as the root of all suffering. The Christians have cursed wanting as the root of all sex. The purists within capitalism have cursed wanting as the thing that is filling the ocean with plastic. But is it really? If we wanted to use glass, we would.

Intent seems a purer concept; more politically correct. I might want to eat her pussy, but do I intend to? Stated that way, it would take about ten times longer to get there, if it happens at all. Intend seems like a papered-over way to say want. Think of it this way: someone says to you, “I want you.” How do you feel? Or they say, “I intend to have you.” You have more power when confronted by someone who simply wants.

For about a year (at the suggestion of a colleague) I’ve been applying the concept of intent to my artwork. When I did, I frequently kept coming up with a non-compute. Actually, I also kept coming up with the legal definition of intent, leftover from my journalistic specialty, fraud. Intent seems simple, but from a legal standpoint it means that someone knew or should have known, or should have suspected, that their action or lack of action might have a given outcome. “It doesn’t mean desire,” said Paul Merrell, the lawyer who explained the concept to me.

If you’re a school administrator and you put 1,300 students into a dormitory knowing that it’s contaminated with dioxin, you may not desire that they get cancer, but you certainly know, should know or should suspect that they might get cancer: and therefore you are acting with intent. Meanwhile, your job description promises everyone that you’re acting to keep them safe. Intent is too complicated for a kid or a dog to understand; impossible for an administrator. No wonder they pave roads to hell with the stuff.

But wanting, stated in the clear ideas of Abraham, was a more useful idea. If I ask myself, I know what I want. And Mars retrograde in Leo seemed to be asking a question: What do you want?

I counsel people and I counsel myself and I have friends and we all sometimes struggle with stuff: and as I surveyed this prairie, I began to notice that some people know what they want and some do not. Sometimes I know what I want and sometimes I don’t. When I know what I want, I have something to work for, or strive for, and my life is better. I have an aim, and I can put my intentions behind that (in the conventional use of the concept: a purpose). But the wanting comes first and the intent piece comes second. Without that inner engine, there is no drive; and the driver has no way to get there; there is nowhere to get. Many people you see really, really struggling have had some damage done to their ability to want. Usually that damage involves guilt.

Another day, I’ll relate that to Pluto in Capricorn: which is here to help us burn through the psychological and emotional guilt complex that is killing us with its toxicity and preventing us from determining what we want: which is what Mars retrograde is helping us determine. That is a crucial question right now. Do we want a better society? Do we want better lives? How do we define that, and have we questioned those wants/desires a few times?

While I was poking around the Abraham material in support of Leo Confidential, I signed up for their daily mailings and the other day this came in. It helped clear things up.

As you begin to state what you do want, rather than clamoring about what you don’t want, you come into your own power. When you come into your own power, you feel better. And when you feel better — those who love you also feel better.

— Abraham

Eric Francis

4 Responses to “Mars Retrograde: Wanting and Intention”

  1. Janine says:

    All words propel us. Each one has a resonating, resounding effect, colored by tone, intonation, mother tongue, context, country of origin, religious views, and sexual orientation. The word ” want ” has a different texture, horizon and landscape feel to it. As I mature and embrace all of my dualities, having ” wants ” allows me to dream, feel my way through daily, and embrace my future more openly with myself. For me having wants.. ” is a good thing “

  2. Asha says:

    What do I really want is a big life question for me right now. I am Generally a very enthusiastic, assertive and risk taking kind fo a person(Martial), but in the light of recent experiences, where I confronted my deepest desires, intentions, motives behind everything I was seeking, striving for, now just don’t know how to proceed from here. The following lines from another post on Places your ego will go …. pretty much describes me up until 2009

    So the ego moves on ever constantly striving
    Addicted to seeking and afraid of arriving
    You’re traveling fast at the speed of surviving

    So hoping that by the end of Mars retrogade aspect in my 2nd house, I will have some sense of direction.


  3. Nina says:

    When I consider, what I want, my mind goes blank, I’ve spent so long wanting & manifesting things for my loved ones that I haven’t even considered, what I want. I’m starting to realise that I’ve been living my life in the background, as the wallpaper, instead of as the main player.
    It is time now you move into the spotlight & to bring forth, what I want.

  4. Daniele says:

    It seems to me that the Universe is always reflecting back what we are putting out, its just that we don’t always recognize ourselves in the mirror. I giggle at the walking mixed messages we tend be be, particularly around what we want/love. our fears are to bound show up there and it confuses what can be very simple…which is why focused intention is an important practice. If Mars empowers drive, the clearer one is about where they are going, the quicker they arrive?
    One of my sayings is mind your mind, because the Universe loves you so much it just wants to make you be mindful about what you are being right about. :)

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