Member pages open for comment

Dear Cosmic Confidentialist,

We have just opened up all pages on the Cosmic Confidential member site to comments without having to log in another time.

You are invited to enter comments and questions.

Also, if you would like to offer feedback to the public about CC, there is currently a blog entry on the front page of Planet Waves where the comments are collecting.

One last: for those with a blog who would like to review the project, you’re invited to do so. Please write to me directly at with the word REVIEW in the subject header, and I will send you some information.

Many thanks for making this project such an amazing success.

Yours & truly,

Eric Francis

3 Responses to “Member pages open for comment”

  1. AR says:

    Thanks for update!

  2. carol latvala says:

    I just finished reading the aries and cancer sections of the extended horoscopes. I have an aries sun and cancer rising. My mercury is at one degree aries. I especially liked the part about the thema mundi that has cancer rising . It looks like a pretty big year for folks like me with all the cardinal signs and planets in action. Since my rising sign is 3 degrees of cancer, I also have pluto moving into my 7th house. I was born in 1946 so I have Jupiter neptune and chiron in Libra. It seems like everything is aligned for some big changes and shifts. With mercury at one degree of Aries in the tenth, I feel that I might be called upon to give voice to some of this action. Wish me the intention and the discrimination to be a good channel for all this energy.

  3. gale says:

    i don’t know where to’s ALL happening, has been happening and now all at once. first every f’ing word in CC (virgo), for me is so true. i just started reading your web site end of ’09 and watching carefully to see if it was my imagination or what, upon first reading i was struck by how it resonated from macro to micro. ok so i’ve been living EVERY DETAIL; it sucks and I wouldn’t have it any other way. it’s REAL….. really out there….. the death of my ego has been long and tortuous. damn thing keeps popping up. interwoven with the psychic benevolent spiritual warrior mantra that I am so connected with, the huge cosmic vibrations… i’m spinning…so CHANGE is where i am at and have been; i am full bore into so many areas! while my relationships are non -existent..I do everything myself, good at reinventing the wheel and birthing everyday

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