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Welcome to the Cosmic Confidential!

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Dear Friend and Reader:

Everyone with a clue is wondering the same thing: What, exactly, is going to happen as planets move into the 2012 alignment?

As I’ve been suggesting, 2012 is happening now. We reach the first major peak this month, then we reach another by the spring of 2010. Last week, Saturn moved into Libra, which is turning up the energy rapidly. Many are hoping for the best but expecting the worst. As the world moves closer to an edge nobody wants to admit we’re actually standing on, anxiety seems to be this emotion we’re supposed to accept as a new form of serenity. Does the future hold a way out? Or more meaningfully, a way to reach our incredible human potential?

Welcome to Cosmic Confidential: A Future Investigation.

Planet Waves

This is the 2010 annual edition of Planet Waves. With this annual, I’m taking an entirely new approach to covering the astrology — one based on an investigative reporting model, digging up the gems of information that are most personally relevant to you and putting them into personal context.

I’ve been looking attentively at the astrology of the next five seasons literally going back to the beginning of my astrological studies. In recent months, I’ve been carefully building my files and organizing the material, crafting the language to explain it the most clearly.

Are we heading for some kind of cataclysm? Or for collective enlightenment? Is time really accelerating? What is the “leap beyond technology” that Jose Arguelles speaks of? And given our complex personal lives, what is our individual role?