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Bridge to the Core: Capricorn 2005

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Bridge to the Core was the 2005 annual edition of Planet Waves. Written in Paris, France, the theme was Pluto conjunct the Galactic Core. Here is the Capricorn horoscope from that edition. The full website is located here.

WHEN WE ARE BORN the first time, we tend to come out all in one piece. You have been reborn, but you’ve emerged from this process one mysterious, excruciating bit at a time. And, as though reassembled with the power of Isis, you are now, once again, a whole person. Or rather, most of the job is done.

Image for Planet Waves by deenab

There may seem to be that one last part that is not quite present and accounted for…or one last seam to glue together, sand down and finish. While in the immediate sense this is true — that is, one significant portion of your current rebirthing is still to come — the job is never truly done. Which if you ask me should not concern you at all. More to the point, you need to take some time and reflect on what you’ve accomplished.

I assure you: it is more than you think. You have passed through so many layers of yourself, so many different kinds of feelings, conflicts and contradictions, and through each part of this journey, you’ve slowly found some peace of mind, and a sense of purpose in the world. That sense of purpose is no small price for you; and while it’s not exactly a towering oak tree at the moment, it is alive within you and will respond to nurturing and attention.

The difficult part of the past year or more has been how challenging it’s been to really engage with people in relationships. The emotional aspect has been particularly challenging, which has not been assisted by your own inner process that has stirred up so much in the way of mixed feelings about yourself. So to say relating has been difficult is a little like saying it’s hard to play volleyball while a sprained ankle heals. If you have experience in isolation, it’s been for two purposes. One has been to give you space you could exist in apart from the world, even if that was psychic or mental space rather than physical space. The other has been to compel you to find a new way of relating to people — an entirely new way you’d never considered before.