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Aquarius in the News

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius. I have seen many associations between Uranus and Aquarius, for sure; but in the older methods of astrology and as purely pragmatic issue, it’s a good idea to think of Saturn and Aquarius as being made of the same DNA. Uranus is something new; true, from the prior generation of deities, but a variation on the theme of Aquarius.

Saturn. Voyager

Saturn. Photo: Voyager 2, NASA.

Today we have many aspects involving Aquarius and Saturn. I will list three. One is Saturn square Pluto. Saturn represents the mental patterns of Aquarius, which are getting wrapped around Pluto in Capricorn: this is all about updating our files, and discovering new approaches to both thought and action. We all have important houses in our charts ruled by Saturn, and this affects them all.

Second aspect is Chiron conjunct Neptune. This has been in the works for years, and the aspect prefects in two weeks; but we are under its full influence today: and that influence is about becoming aware of our patterns of belief. What do we believe and why? What do we disbelieve, and why? What has been trying to get our attention over and over again?

Last: Venus conjunct Nessus in Aquarius. There is something dark here, and something beautiful. Alice Miller, author of Drama of the Gifted Child, notes that all of us who grew up in the Western world grew up in abusive households. There is no getting around this; it’s a function of our society.

Yet the many ‘negative’ things that happen to us often work to raise awareness, and to create unusual sensitivities. If we process the feelings, they can work for us and not against us. The question with Nessus is: who is responsible? I can tell you from 15 years of working as an astrology counselor that people tend to blame themselves for what happened to them as kids. This is different than taking responsibility for the healing process. The first one is not true; the second one is a necessity, but they are different and we need to remember that.