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On that Libra Moon

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

The Moon is in early Libra, reminding us of the best things in life. Libra’s symbol is a scale. You could say it’s the scales of justice. You could also say it’s the image of what it takes to keep the universe in balance. The implication of scales, however, is that things can go out of balance as well, or that at times, one side of an equation can push itself out and be emphasized — and this is part of the balancing process. Libra has the quality of equilibrium, but it also has the quality of excess in one direction, compensated by excess in the other.

In other sky news, Mercury has joined an a gathering of planets in Pisces: Jupiter, Sun, Venus and Uranus.

Mars is taking its time drawing its 11-week retrograde to an end; this began around the winter solstice and ends on March 10.