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Updated! Weekly audio for June 2 by Eric Francis

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Hello out there in Internet Land. Your Planet Waves free weekly audio is now ready. I’ve covered the aspects leading into the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on June 8, including Mars opposite Neptune, Mars changing signs into Virgo, and the role of Vesta in our lives as Mars approaches an exact conjunction, lighting the fires of transformation. Finally, I go over the “gathering of the tribes” quality of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

UPDATE: I’ve also done a separate commentary on the various news events that are weighing on our minds these days — the oil spill and the Israeli attack on the relief flotilla. This is less about astrology and more of a direct comment on the situations, though I speak about the incident chart from the Israeli incident. Here is that audio.

Later in the day I’ll have an announcement of Gemini birthday audio — I am doing a written version of that report now, free to all, which explains what’s in the audio version. This audio offers 60 minutes of astrology and 20 minutes of tarot using the Voyager deck. Here is a free preview of the Gemini birthday audio.

Eric Francis