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Holiday Weekend Astrology

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

The emphasis is on home, with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, during this second week of summer. The Sun is crossing the South Node of the Moon, which reminds us that there is a total solar eclipse on the horizon, which will happen July 11. There was also an eclipse of the Moon in Capricorn one week ago today, so we are now in the suspended animation space between those events.

Planet Waves

Indeed, overnight Saturday to Sunday is the last quarter Moon — and with the Sun exactly on the South Node, we have a kind of honorary eclipse between the eclipses: when the Sun and the Moon make aspects to the lunar nodes, that’s how it can feel. And what is that like?

Here are some characteristics of eclipses:

Shift in Continuity. These are the break-free points, the shift-the-momentum times of life. Events during and near eclipses can alter the narrative or energetic quality of life. We move on; others move on; things that started nine years ago can suddenly come to an end and something new opens up.

The Hand of Fate. We can feel like the hand of fate is on our shoulder, guiding us. Pay attention to “chance encounters” and things that happen on odd chances. Notice who you meet, and get the message of the encounter. There is that fated quality of “this was meant to be” or something that is ending was not.

Enhanced Sense of Intensity. The meaning of things can seem extra potent or dramatic. It helps not to get caught in the drama. When it passes, things seem a lot more normal than they seemed when you were in the thick of it all.

Pattern Making. Close to and during eclipses, we get the chance to use all of these factors consciously and create new patterns in our lives — as well as let go of old ones. The key is consciously. You don’t know what that means until you know what it means: meanwhile, focus on your choices, notice the relevant details, and be open to the possibilities. Be open to change and you will stay out of your own way.