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The Hot Zone: Check Your Judgments

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Good day, visitor! Talk around Planet Waves lately has centered around the frisson-producing Mars-Venus conjunction in Scorpio, with Venus about to station retrograde in that sign of secrets and sex. With self-inquiry a hallmark of this retrograde, I thought the theme of keeping secrets from ourselves in this Sag horoscope from last year might be fun to consider. In case you’re wondering how you can get access to the horoscope archives to investigate on your own, it comes with every subscription to Planet Waves Astrology News and Planet Waves Light.

Nov. 13, 2009 – Sagittarius – Weekly

If you’ve been keeping any secrets from yourself, they are about to burst into your awareness with a passion. If you’ve been feeling lost, murky or depressed, you’re about to wake up, and wake up rather suddenly. If you’ve been feeling bored, get ready to feel extremely curious. You will benefit from encouraging yourself to be extra passionate or expressive, to the point of what may even feel like lewd; that’s the hot zone. This is the moment when you discover how ridiculous it is to maintain an image. You’ve been feeling held down because you’re holding so much inside, and that includes what you cannot admit in polite company. So get yourself into some inappropriate company as soon as possible, and check your judgments at the door.