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Dangling on the Edge

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Hello Cosmic Confidential Visitor.

This is the daily blog associated with Cosmic Confidential, the 2010 annual edition of Planet Waves. One of the things we’re doing is selecting horoscopes from the past and letting them see the sunshine. Unlike on the Planet Waves Oracle, where the horoscopes are selected at random, these are selected by an editor — usually Amanda Painter. In honor of Saturn changing signs from Virgo to Libra tomorrow, this July 22, 2008 horoscope gives a brief review of what Virgos had to work with these past two years.

July 22, 2008 – Virgo – Monthly

Having just passed through and recovered from your latest phase of wild uncertainty, and four sides to every story, you may not be particularly welcoming of another spell of dangling on the edge. Yet if nothing else, you seem poised to travel a path of radical independence for a while longer. Your agenda includes many ideas about yourself that you seem determined to let go of. You may have places that you need to let go of. You surely have people you are letting go of — and you can credit most of this to the miracle of Saturn in your birth sign. Unless of course you’re not experiencing it as a miracle; in which case you will need to depend on the determination of Mars. Yet both of these planets are saying you must be easier on yourself. In some respects they are saying you don’t have a choice. It is clear that from long years of being conditioned with the idea that “you are out of control,” you can go to some extreme measures to demonstrate that control. You can, in turn, push people pretty hard to go along with that belief; and sooner or later they will yield to your will. But in the scheme of things, you might ask: does this really improve your life? Does it improve the world? Control is never a remedy for fear.