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Today’s podcast is ready. It addresses the charts for the Sept. 11, 2001 incident. The occasion is that Thursday’s New Moon falls within the very degree rising of the main Sept. 11 chart — what I call the North Tower chart. This is the first time this has ever happened, and the conjunction is remarkably close — just two arc minutes from the Sept. 11 ascendant at 14+ Libra.

In this podcast, I introduce a topic that I cover in-depth in Friday’s subscriber edition of Planet Waves. You will hear a discussion of the North Tower chart, set for 8:46 am, as well as another chart, the one for the mysterious collapse of WTC 7 that afternoon. We had a brief discussion of that chart on this page on Sept. 11. Here’s a link back to the chart and the conversation.

I make reference to two videos in the podcast. One is of Larry Silverstein, the landlord of the World Trade Center, describing what happened to WTC 7. Here is that video, which is from a PBS broadcast. I have personally confirmed that this segment was in the broadcast, as I’ve purchased a copy of the original from the station.

The second is a BBC World broadcast wherein the reporter, Jane Stanley, announces that WTC 7 has fallen down — while she’s standing in front of it, and it’s visible in the frame. She was 25 minutes ahead of her story. That video is longer, but even watching five minutes will give you a clue.

I take on these issues and others in Friday’s subscriber edition of Planet Waves. See you there.

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Eric Francis

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