Of Choosing Tribes and Transformation

Hello Cosmic Confidential Visitor. This is the daily blog associated with Cosmic Confidential, the 2010 annual edition of Planet Waves. There’s lots of info about Cosmic Confidential along the margin to the right. We are back to updating daily, and looking for interesting features to keep the content fresh and interesting. One of the things we’re going to do is select horoscopes from the past and let them see the sunshine. Unlike on the Planet Waves Oracle, where the horoscopes are selected at random, these will be selected by an editor — usually Amanda Painter. Here’s one from Jan 1, 1999 about choosing one’s own transformations and tribe.

Jan. 1, 1999 – Capricorn – Monthly

Life has taught you patience. Life has taught you not to trust gains too quickly gotten, or sudden turns of direction. Life has also taught you that when there are two sides of an issue, both are likely to have flaws and blind spots. Yet life changes, and this is a year of collective transitions unlike any other since perhaps the mid-1960s, and a year of rapid and radical transformation for you personally. I sense that you’ve intuited this, because you’re a sensitive person; I have a hunch that some invisible presence or reality has worked its way into your life to prepare you for the important and exciting events to come. Many people ask astrologers and Tarot readers, “Are the events good or bad?” I would say that for the most part you get to choose the outcome of your transformation. And choosing is the key theme of the year, because the experiences and realities which will confront you are going to demand that you make decisions, and at times, that you pick sides. Timing is critical; not ignoring early signals is as well; and taking counsel of both people considerably older and younger than yourself, as well as people you consider your immediate peers. But in the end you will choose, and follow through on your commitment. Perhaps this image will serve as a useful meditation: Some of the people in this world are who I would call the Swords. Others are the Torches. Which is your real tribe? If you consider this carefully, and listen with great attention to what people say to you, it will be easier for you to identify who is who, and therefore, where you really belong.

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