Six Months and Counting…

It’s been six months since that earthquake devastated Haiti, and all manner of social, political, and environmental upheaval has transpired since then. Eric generally shies away from predictions, but this past winter he inadvertently predicted that one (though he did not specify Haiti or the exact date).

Here is his follow-up blog post on the quake’s astrology from Jan 13, 2010, which includes a chart for the event. Eric notes the importance of eclipses (one of which we just experienced Sunday) in natural disasters on Earth in this excerpt:

When I said in yesterday’s subscriber edition that the eclipse this week was a setup for earthquakes, it was based on one scientific fact and three observations about the chart. A few weeks ago I read an article, which I’ll need to find, that confirmed what astrologers have known for a long time: earthquakes follow planetary alignments.

Astrologers are pretty much the only people who are watching what’s happening with other planets when something happens on Earth. Astrologers know that major quakes are likelier to happen close to New Moons and Full Moons. The Banda Aceh quake on the island of Sumatra on Dec. 26, 2004 happened during the last approach to a Full Moon, for example (and there are other similarities to the Haiti quake chart).

The astrological facts included the alignment of 11 planets across Capricorn and Aquarius, some of which (such as Jupiter and the Sun) are putting enormous gravitational stress on the Earth. [This link includes the minor planets from] Second fact was the eclipse itself. Eclipses are precise alignments with direct effects. The third fact was that this eclipse was in Capricorn, which I consider the sign for the Earth itself; that is, for the physical structures that make up the planet, such as the tectonic plates, mountains, caves and so on.

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