Wednesday Audio, Courtesy of Planet Waves

Today’s Cosmic Confidential Diary post comes courtesy of the Planet Waves blog. The beginning of Eric’s text is below and includes the audio link. To read the rest of Eric’s post (in which he discusses Bastille Day and revolutionary astrology), please click here.

Good morning and welcome. I’ve just completed the audio podcast for the week, which is available here. Note, someone just said that I claim it’s January. It’s actually a balmy, moist, monsoony July here in New York. This week’s edition considers the idea of emotional patterns and the recent eclipse in the sign Cancer as an opportunity to stretch and grow into new emotional potential. So much of our lives are shaped and even dictated by our emotions that this is 100% necessary we’re going to outgrow our old patterns and take up healthier ones. I cover this in the midyear audio and will be going into more detail in the Cancer birthday report as well (stay tuned).

The podcast also looks at the cluster of planetary events the last two weeks of July, beginning with Saturn entering Libra next week; the Sun entering Leo on July 22; the Aquarius Full Moon on July 25; Saturn opposite Uranus, part five including the Aries Point, on July 26; and Mars conjunct Saturn on July 31.

This is an exciting grouping and we can all be just thrilled that the eclipses came ahead of this setup rather than in the middle of it all.

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