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Extended Horoscopes for the 12 Signs



















11 Responses to “Extended Horoscopes for the 12 Signs”

  1. Mysti says:

    It has been really useful to read through this for many reasons, but the one that stands out is :: Vertigo. My solar and natal charts are exact inversions, so when you say, for example, “Pluto is in the 7th House” I know it is also in the 1st. Venus and Sol are in my 2nd and 8th Houses; Uranus in 3rd and 9th, etc. The concentration of this report keeps pinging a bicameral symmetry of the solar/natal houses.

    I think this alignment has worked out a kind of odd autonomy on one level; autonomy –or solitude– resonates to my natal retrograde Saturn in the 11th/5th House.

    On another level (and paradoxically) it I hear it as a demand that I truly dissolve duality. Another way of saying that is: embrace (loosely) everything. The path upon which I find myself insists that my inside activities and concerns (1st – 6th) and outside presence and impact (7-12th) become more deeply integrated.

  2. Lottie says:

    Could you tell me please, Eric, how I should read my rising sign? Does it have the same importance as my sun sign?

  3. Karen says:

    I entered a sychronistic space when reading the “Confidential” for my Sun sign (Scorpio). Just weeks ago, I had a poignant, lucid dream in which a teacher enabled me to glimpse into my past. He explained that the guilt passed on to me from my father has absolutely nothing to do with me, and that I must free myself of it. Since then, I have been pondering the dream and its message..what type of guilt do I carry?…how deep does it go?…how does it effect me today? Imagine my amazement when the Scoripio Confidential told me: “Your creative /work/professional existence may be complicated by guilt….The connection to power is that guilt is often caused by that power that people (such as caregivers) have abused in the past….” This and other information concerning guilt presented in the Confidential have provided important keys. It is interesting to realize that it is truly the right time to address themes of guilt.

  4. rosemary robrecht says:

    I am unabble to pull up the astrology for Libra. This is very difficult to navigate.

  5. mary says:

    When reading horoscopes @ planet waves and elsewhere I had this ritual of starting with my own Sun sign and then the sign opposite, then my Moon and then all the signs in order, Aries to Pisces. I haven’t been able to even think of reading anything but my Sun sign as it is just so ripe with me and my life’s stuff. I read and re-read Aquarius and it’s as if all these internal sleeper-cells are rallying … Eric, you are freaking my freak … in a good way.

  6. Martha says:

    This is the best yet. You opened the Virgo discussion with the I/We issue – something I have been actively working on the last 6 months. The Alice Bailey quote left me with chicken skin – the whole horoscope resonates. Then I checked the horoscope for my ascendant (Scorpio) and got blown away. How did you know about those nasty anti-serving women in my life? Both the Virgo and Scorpio horoscopes speak to my present work situation – unemployed, mostly by choice, trying out writing and jewelry making after two decades in science and academics. Taking a multi-month break has enabled me to start separating from the “we’s” of life and direct my creativity into art rather than work. As you said for Scorpio, “Your exploration of certain kinds of isolation is teaching you about your fears and the shadow side of your nature.” So many thanks, it’s lovely to have these affirmations and insights. Can’t wait to see the material on the transits.

  7. Doug L says:

    It’s amazing, really. My sun Sag and rising Cap is so right on. Things I’ve been working on for a long time show up as does those I hope to achieve. It provides such insight that it makes those who don’t consider astrology as a tool to be really self disadvantaged. I’ve been a subscriber for years and will continue to be as I find Eric’s writing so appropriate, with the times, intuitive and revealing that it places him head and shoulders above any others I look into. And I’ve been watching various astrology writing since the early 80’s, some helpful, some not. Again, it is a tool, like many others, so it does not direct my decision making, but it certainly gives me the best idea of the “weather” from a personal point of view and what I find most interesting – from a societal point of view. Like the coming 2012 and the lead up to it. Pluto in Capricorn and the changing of so many entrenched institutions for the better, man is it ever high time for that! Thanks so much Eric, I hope you know the service you are doing for all of us is appreciated more than just the money we pay for your writing.

  8. noelle says:

    a simple thank you for your care and insight. it always resonates.

  9. kinaree says:

    Eric, I am concerned that your new emphasis on audio will impact those readers (like me) who have hearing issues. I have yet to find computer speakers that will allow me to hear and understand each word clearly (even every forth word). You would provide a great service if you would make the audio info available in written form as well. Here’s hoping…

  10. Suzanne says:

    I have to second Kinaree; I cannot process information very well in audio form, it just doesn’t compute (this is more of a brain thing than a hearing thing, in my case, but the result is the same). And in truth, I just don’t like audio formats: I don’t like books on tape, either. Please consider making a hard copy version available for those of us who need it or prefer it…

  11. Ken Monet says:

    Even though I am English! many thanks for this free on line Thanks Giving Day horoscope that I found both enlightening & revealing. In fact I forwarded it to my Tauran ex-lover to help her thru her own issues & see that she has since requested to renew her membership. So Love & light to all & keep up the good work.

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