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Leo Confidential (for Sun and ascendant)

By Eric Francis

Leo (July 22- Aug. 23)

At the bottom of the notes page for Leo Confidential is a mysterious heading, “The Drama of the Sinners and the Saints.” I don’t remember when or why I wrote that but I do remember it being connected to a specific idea. I haven’t remembered what it’s about yet; maybe I’ll catch the charts from just the right angle. For now, let’s let it stand as an image, or a mirage. The next title heading, also without notes, is “The Mirror Effect of the 7th House.” That one I remember. In recent years I’ve written a lot about your 7th house, that is, the house of relationships and partnerships, which basically suggest you are living in an alternate cosmos: a different plane of reality than nearly anyone you know.

An interesting one, too, where the main commodity seems to be compassion, with as little taint of guilt as is possible in this world. Each of the signs holds ground for a certain frequency of emotion, and one of the jobs of Leo is to hold the space for us all to let go of guilt. Yet in recent years, most particularly now, your charts suggest you are adopting a commitment to integrity that is rare for our world. That means focusing on being clear and being honest, and coexisting with others on the basis of their honoring those values.

There’s something, as well, about efficiency. Most relationships that exist between people are not terribly efficient entities; there is tremendous energy loss, when there could be a surplus or a synergy. I think that you caught onto the energy loss phenomenon some years ago and have in recent seasons of your life been working this particular angle in an effort to conserve energy and enhance the benefits of your partnerships. If this is somehow a new concept to you, please allow me to introduce you. Part of that efficiency becomes available as honesty and intention are introduced to the environment of your partnerships as working ideas, and as shared values.

Yet lately, you’re being reminded that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. This is the big secret of humanity, the one that gets washed out with romance and pursuit and conquest and drama, and the quest for satisfaction, in our experiences with others.

At the moment, you may be struggling with some deep doubts or a sweeping personal reassessment, which defies easy description. There is an introspective, deeply introverted quality to your charts right now. You may not be reflecting this in your experiences with others; you may only be becoming aware of it recently. This may be so potent as to involve events that are calling you to literally reassess everything; or you may be hearing the calling to go deeper into your awareness; to question the past; to seek some lost or forgotten aspect of yourself.

Alignment With Yourself

And, to be sure, this fits your concept of responsibility: beginning with responsibility to yourself. By now, you may know the many ways you’re at an advantage moving through a world where so many are hobbled. You have the capacity to set a goal and work for it, and what’s more, you like to do it. You have the ability — if you choose to apply it — to align yourself with yourself, and move from your center as a unified entity. That’s a fucking miracle on this planet. You understand intention. You believe and live the truth that there is such a thing as responsibility. You really can stand up and be counted, and you do.

There are vivid astrological markers for this. Your planet, the Sun, is not a planet at all; it’s a star, and yours is the only sign ruled by a star. It happens to be the star that holds all the other planets in their orbits, and serves as a kind of central computer for the astrological system. By one theory, astrology works because the Sun itself picks up the shapes and energy shifts in the planets that surround it, and then broadcasts this vividly with its own rays.

In the system described in Esoteric Astrology, there are two additional sets of planetary rulers given, and Leo is the only sign with the same body ruling on all three levels. The implication here is that on whatever level you like, from the most mundane to the most spiritually advanced, Leo is simply Leo, and strives for consistency. If you’re ever struggling spiritually or psychologically, remember this. If you happen to be born under one of the other signs, look for where Leo is in your natal chart or your solar chart and explore the idea that this is where you seek your integrity. (For a clue how this can manifest, in my natal chart I have Leo in my 3rd house of writing and community; and in my solar chart, it’s in my 6th house of work, service and wellbeing. Both fit equally well.)

Your commitment to reality may have come under some stress as Neptune opposed your Sun, and still may be doing so. But Chiron entering Aquarius introduced you to some new talents and some new approaches to existence, which you have been refining ever since. As Chiron and Neptune align in a perfect conjunction as you read these words in early 2010, I am here to tell you that you have powerful tools available to you.

You can both insist on integrity from people and have a greater chance of getting it; you can see where they stand with themselves; you are less subject to the disruptive states of others. You have insight into the denial and delusion that others so often live by, and you don’t have to be distracted by what is not true. These things are gifts of alignment with yourself. When I come to a longer discussion of Mars retrograde in your sign, this concept will show up again; this retrograde is about fine-tuning your awareness of what you want: and this may be the very foundation of integrity.

The Adult Role

Generally, you’re accustomed to playing the adult role in any situation where you get involved. Ironic, given that Leo is the sign of children, play and pleasure: but many adults have lived through recent generations where what used to be called the ‘latch-key kids’ had to look after themselves, and their sibs, and to some extent, their parents as well — and this is still a common situation.

For you, this works out to be a strength. Yet because others tend to depend on you for that adult capacity, your presence can be an excuse for them to be less than mature. One of your constant quests is to find actual peers, not people you have to raise. What’s interesting about this time in your life is that others around you are waking up to the need to be present in their own lives, and present for you. But the real way to get out of the adult role is to refuse to take on a parental role with anyone but your children: there’s a big difference.

Relationships that in the past consumed your energy are starting to show promise. You have certainly invested plenty into them. Relationships that worked pretty good in the past may be exceeding your expectations: I hope that’s true for you. But let’s not hope too much and take advantage of some developments that will help you refine your process of creating clarity in your own heart and soul, and in the environment of your relationships.

Mars Retrograde: An Inner Quest

We begin the year with Mars retrograde in your sign, which as you may be noticing, or feeling, is a direct reference to your state of mind. If you’re feeling not-quite-yourself, out of step or slightly skewed, we can look to Mars retrograde for information.

Consider that we have the planet of trooping ahead no matter what, associated with desire, conquering and human identity (the ruler of Aries), retrograde in another sign (your sign) closely associated with concepts of self, identity, glory and the human ego. The retrograde effect scrambles these notions. What was going forward and taking territory can go into retreat, which in human terms is self-reflective. What is usually super-confident can find itself doubting, which is healthy. What once said I Am is now asking, Am I?

Mars has a special role in your chart, ruling two of your solar houses. The first is Scorpio, your solar 4th house, which is your emotional body and your home. The 4th has deep associations with the past, with our family of origin and with our sense of security. In addition, Mars rules your solar 9th house, which is your concept of your higher self, your spiritual orientation and your mental horizon. You could make many inferences from this double value on Mars: it’s associated with both above and below; with emotional and mental; with your home world and the wide world.

Mars retrograde in your sign is about reconciling these levels of awareness, and also the environments they are associated with. I suggest checking in with both versions of Mars as it continues its retrograde in your sign, and then moves forward, covering every single degree of Leo between March 10 and June 9.

Mars is not retrograde in Leo every day of the week. In fact, Mars is retrograde the second least of all the planets, less than 10% of the time, once every two years. For contrast, Mercury is retrograde six times as frequently, for twice as long. We are constantly addressing the Mercury retrograde dynamic; Mars retrograde is rare and feels unusual. For you, it’s permission to address your inner world before you address your outer world. Memorize what it feels like to do this, so that you can access the method when you need it at other times.

As for the Leo piece of the puzzle, searching back to the late 1960s, I could only find three other instances of Mars retrograde in Leo, and it wasn’t for the whole retrograde. In the winter of 1977 the retrograde straddled Leo and Cancer. In the winter-spring of 1980, it straddled Virgo and Leo, and in the winter of 1995 it straddled Virgo and Leo. This time around, Mars is retrograde exclusively in Leo for the first time in many of our lives. I think this is a truly useful transit for many reasons.

We live in a world that is obsessed with externals, particularly where love and relationships are concerned. We seek glory and to be noticed and to be famo or even famous. There are few influences that teach us to investigate our inner world, to ask ourselves questions about our values or even to question what our true needs in relationships are. Yet when Mars, certainly among the most tangible of planets, retrogrades in your sign, it’s clear that now is the time to slow down, pay attention and ask yourself real questions.

The Issue of Desire

In the most practical terms for you, Mars retrograde in your sign is a total reassessment of what you want out of life. Mars is the planet of desire. Desire must be counterbalanced by values, though without desire values are useless and without values desire is useless.

So, what do you want? That is to say, what do you want that you haven’t admitted to yourself; what do you want that others may not want you to want; and what do you want that’s really not so good for you, and which you need to reconsider? This last factor may be the most important item of all, on this whole issue of desire: eliminating what you don’t want because it confuses you and gets in the way of focusing on what you do want.

There is more in this than assessing whim, fancy and what to order from the Eddie Bauer catalogue. The relationship between desire, emotion and awareness may hold a metaphysical key. As I’m writing these thoughts, based on my understanding of Leo and my synthesis of Mars retrograde in Leo, the entity Abraham is coming to mind. For those familiar with these teachings, the connection will be obvious: the core of what Abraham is talking about involves our relationship to desire and whether we use this to align with our own existence.

Mars retrograde in Leo is pulling you deep into yourself, causing you to reconsider the whole issue of what you want, which is closely connected to who you are and what results you get in life. I recognize that important retrogrades like this can come with all kinds of shadowy feelings: regret, guilt, fear and so on. We can address those if necessary later, and keep a positive focus for right now.

Let’s defer to Abraham for a moment. I have not worked extensively with these materials, but I keep coming back to them and they are always grounding: and always challenge many of my beliefs about how to get what I want, or how I cannot.

• “If you have the ability to desire it, the Universe has the ability to deliver it. You’ve just got to line up with what you want, which means — be as happy as you can be as often as you can be there, and let everything else take care of itself.”

• “You just have to decide what’s right for you, and then line up with it, and watch the Universe yield to you whatever is necessary for your new decision or desire. It’s a wonderful thing.”

• “You have the ability to control the power of your thoughts. You have the ability to control the power of your mind. You have the ability to make a vibration dominant that matches your desire. You do. And that’s all it takes. And that’s all any successful person ever has done. It’s all anyone who has ever achieved anything that they wanted has ever done. They just wanted it, and talked themselves into believing it.”

• “When you have a fresh desire, when you want something and you don’t doubt it, that frisky feeling, that feeling of exhilaration, that’s what you came for. That’s what your quest is. That’s the feeling you want.”

• “The entire Universe is set up to produce wanting within you! You cannot squelch wanting. You are born wanters. Wanting is a good thing. Write that down in big letters: WANTING IS A VERY GOOD THING!”

I recognize that this goes against nearly all of the teaching of the world, and sounds like one of those late-night ads that promises you hundreds of free vacations if you only send in however many thousand dollars and sell vacations.

However, I have enough training in metaphysics to get the point: what we want is usually what we get. We make it by wanting it because the universe only vibrates in harmony with what we want. So with Mars retrograde in your sign, asking you what you want, now is a great time to do some sorting out. As an astrologer I’m suggesting here that the retrograde piece is about discarding past desires and things you desire now that are not really authentic. That will tell you a lot; and then you can move along quickly to figuring out what you want and allowing this process to help you align your energy with it.

There is, of course, the issue of the other. What if you want something one way and someone else wants it another way? Well, you may need to want such people out of your energy field. In one channeling, Abraham suggests getting what other people want, or want for you, out of your way.

Leo is Opposite Aquarius

Aquarius is your opposite house and sign — known as your solar 7th house: the house of partnerships and relationships, whether friendly or not.

Aquarius is an unusual sign (its natives would agree) because it involves both individuality and groups. These are actually functions of one another. There is not a contradiction; the concept of a group is meaningless without the concept of an individual and vice versa. Still, when you look out at the world in all its otherness, the picture is not simple.

In our society we tend to get neither individuality nor groups: we get mass consciousness. We get a world of people who seem to not think for themselves; but what’s missing is not the thinking, it’s the concept of self. Note that with Mars retrograde in your sign, this is the thing you’re focusing: your distinction from others and your sense of your own existence. Ultimately I suggest defining yourself outside the context of ‘all of them’, but for now that will serve you fine.

Having Aquarius as your opposite sign puts you in the position of constantly negotiating your own individuality, and it always has. This particularly shows up in group environments, with the first one being your family of origin. Groups, or our belief in groups, has its way of exerting pressure and enticing us to give up our power. Many people give up power to groups so fast they have no idea they did it. If we had a sense of who we are, that would be a lot more challenging; and the more you cultivate this in yourself as a conscious act, the more you will find it in the people around you.

You will also notice the extent to which the opposite is true: try to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

You can tell you’ve made some progress on this issue when you recognize that you’re hanging out with people who are ardent individualists, who set this example for you, and who encourage you to be the person who you are. Encourage, that is, and actually support your cause, because it’s the same as their cause.

Having spent a decade with Neptune in your opposite sign, Aquarius, you may have come under a bit more influence of those who would have you conform than you think, and who are more sold out than you care to notice. Neptune combined with Aquarius suggests that the influence comes from far more than your immediate circle of friends; you need to consider advertising, movies, television, any form of glamour, and religion. And, of course, your personal relationships and business partnerships have been influential as well. Part of you loves putting your faith behind people, though I suggest that you look for some of the shadowy expressions of that and be clear about who means what to you, and why.

The key again is to stick to people who hold the ground of being a responsible adult.

More recently than Neptune arrived, Chiron showed up — having precisely the opposite effect. Neptune diffuses and Chiron focuses. So the truth is that you’ve been working both sides of this equation in a kind of inner polarity; and you have begun to see more clearly. Chiron is now in its third and last conjunction with Neptune — akin to putting a lens in front of a blurry, hypnotic light — which is sharpening your vision and suggests at the same time that you’re drawing others toward you who have a modicum of authentic clarity themselves.

Since we have been referring to Abraham in this reading, I would like to add one last quote to help give some perspective on how vital it is that you be clear with yourself about the conformity issue. The ‘you’ being referred to is collective, not directed at you or any one person.

“Your world is pointing toward an insistence on conformity which is causing you enormous grief. It’s what’s at the heart of all of your religious battles, and religious battles are what are at the heart of all of your battles. In other words, all of your wars and global irritation with one anotherВ are over your determination to promote sameness. Your democracy insists that it’s the only government that works. And every religion (it’s interesting to note) proclaims that it is the only one that works.”

I offer this as encouragement to consider the facets of your life and determine whether you want to be in the partnerships you are in; whether you want to be involved with the groups that surround you; and whether you believe in what you are told by your society. Many factors suggest that you are in a kind of ultimate moment for clarity on these themes. This may, in more challenging situations, involve giving up what feel like your ideals, your dreams, your vision. Or you may feel like you’re letting go of delusions in relationships — your own and those of others. You need to be careful not to let these disillusionments derail you from your real objectives in life.

Pluto in Capricorn: A New Concept of Wellbeing

How have your bones been feeling lately? If I had to come up with a theory of medicine for Leo, it would start with your bones. True, the heart is the organ ruled by Leo and I’ve seen a disproportionate number of Leos encounter cardiac problems. You have to take care of your heart. Get your fiber, exercise more than annually and don’t even think about smoking.

However, at the moment, your skeletal structure is what it’s all about. You have Capricorn in your 6th solar house of health and wellbeing. To me that suggests that chiropractic or osteopathy would be more useful forms of medicine than the dominant paradigm of drug antipathy (the regular kind of doctor). Think of the path to wellbeing as a series of adjustments that bring you into alignment with yourself. Take care of your back, in particular.

Learn about the benefits of posture. I have a Capricorn friend who was rambling on about all the things he does to take care of his back, such as not leaning over the sink when he washes dishes. If you’re kind of short this won’t be as much of a problem, but notice how your back feels when doing routine tasks.

The next concept of Pluto in Capricorn involves the value of old methods. The main problem with modern medicine is that it’s too modern. It’s a technological exercise with little in the way of philosophy or even integrated knowledge. I have seen that even in ‘alternative health’ practitioners there is an overspecialization that results in seeing cases with blindness. To many acupuncturists, the only thing they think work are needles. You might need to adjust your diet. I would suggest that any practitioner you work with be proficient in at least three methods of healing.

Old methods such as herbalism and homeopathy may be particularly useful to you. Like most things old, they require study and the acquisition of knowledge; and it’s almost always worth it. In general, you can assume that if you or someone you love has a problem, someone has figured out how to solve it. Nothing against new approaches, but there are some very good old ones and you are in a position to identify them and put them to excellent use.

Leo, Natural Time and Money

The 6th house and Capricorn are also associated with the passage of time, in the mechanical sense of the word. In the natural time system of astrology, the Sun — the planet of Leo — is the focal point of the seasons. It is, of course, the Earth that is moving, around the Sun, so the two are in a distinct relationship that is the basis of many other viewpoints. The roundel of the seasons tells a story based on the relationship between the Earth and the Sun, and the tropical zodiac — the one used by most astrologers — is oriented on the Sun’s angle to the equator and the tropics.

The Sun is central to our reality, and the Sun is your symbol, and this suggests that you will benefit from honoring the movement of the seasons, the measure of time of one year, or any other natural process associated with the Sun. One reader summed up the thought process in a way that I thought was particularly elegant. I’m not sure she began this paragraph knowing where she was going, but she got there just the same.

“Commitment has become a major theme over the last year or so: to school, to my partner. I’ve always struggled with maintaining a stable relationship over time. Every relationship I’ve had since I was 15 has been marked by a predictable break-up/get back together cycle every few months. The relationship I am in now has been the first one where I’ve ever celebrated a one-year anniversary. We live two blocks from each other, and the prospect of moving in is not an urgent one for either of us. We enjoy our alone time and space, and his son lives with him for half of every week.

“I dug my first garden at their house this summer and we all had our own unique experience of marvel and intrigue as the plants grew. Somehow, the garden represented a commitment I was making to them and a new way for me to engage with the world. Neighbors we had never spoken to before suddenly were chatting us up about their own gardens, recommending seeds, giving advice, and generally sharing in the splendors and trials of gardening. Toiling over the garden through its different phases brought me a deep sense of satisfaction, purpose and centeredness.”

Engaging with natural cycles in this way is one of the most beneficial things you can do to enhance your state of wealth. All real wealth comes from the Earth. This suggests two things: one is to honor the Earth any way that you can. The second is to keep looking for the connections between your wealth and the Earth.

I suggest you work with seasonal and annual goals. Know when is the time for planting and when is the time for harvesting. Work with both solar movements and those of the Moon. The Sun, the Moon and the Earth are like your totem animals, each representing different aspects of who you are.

Emphasis on Shared Resources

The clarity you are working for in your relationships will benefit you significantly if you remember that honest, grounded partnerships offer your greatest income potential. To whatever extent you’ve experienced an erratic quality in recent years, that is likely to stabilize and offer you something new in terms of innovation.

Indeed, much of your learning and growth in relationships has been motivated by, or oriented on, creating mutual economic benefit. Your mind is never far from love, emotional fulfillment and sex; but you have put some of this energy to use on organizing mutual financial goals, and this year that begins to come to fruition. I suggest you be very clear with yourself about what you want to do and who you want to do it with — and more to the point, what you want to accomplish and why. If you enter any situation knowing your goals, you will find people who are willing to help you meet them.

If you identify people whose goals you support, you will benefit from helping them meet their goals. You tend to be somewhat narrow in your concepts about money, and you will benefit from the vision of others who have ideas that are perhaps less pragmatic but prove to be useful.

In the end, this will work only if you know what you want. Therefore, when in doubt, when experiencing confusion, when unsure, go back to that one question. If that question doesn’t quite work, go one level more basic and ask: who am I?

That will give you a clue.

4 Responses to “Leo Confidential (for Sun and ascendant)”

  1. Consistency is an absolute for myself and it does not mean that in finding that I am right and others are wrong, it means consistent focus is there for me and from me at all times. People can beneit from it if they choose or fight it because they could be more familiar with inconsistence?

    I have allowed many children, teenagers and their families and some adults a greater joy of their own lives because I have asked them to choose a creative interest they LOVE most. From that point I have been consistent in supporting them to allow their interest to evolve and grow and this has allowed me to evolve and grow in a way that FEELS honest.


  2. Belinda says:


    Abolutely spot on….. especially the first section about integrity, alignment and the adult role! And guess what, I’ve been seeing a homeopath the last 4 years but this year also started seeing a chiropractor/kinesiologist for the first time in my life in an attempt to ‘align’ and unravel years of bad posture. He is working predominately on my back.

    Neptune has been in my 7th house for years now and has been opposite my Sun the last 2 and although I know I learnt many lessons…enough already! lol can’t wait for that transit to finish..

    Thank you for your clear and pertinent insights Eric – I will definitely sign up for the 2011 Confidential!

  3. kim says:

    I did not purchase this edition, and so appreciate this free weekend, so that I may reflect on the past year. ‘What a long strange trip it’s been!’
    Again, spot on. I have purchased Lightbridge, and anxiously await arrival.
    Thank you and all contributors for the service and enlightenment.

  4. Eric;
    I did not see this last December and reading this now is truly reassuring. I have been seeing an Upper Cervical Chiropractor for nearly a year because of a whiplash injury. He is helping me “get my head on straight” and is truly a miracle worker. (My mother was always admonishing us to “get our heads on straight” when we misbehaved. ; }…)
    I look forward to Lightbridge! I also realize how much I have missed not being a Planet Wave rider for the past two years. Glad I am back on track.

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