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Libra Confidential (for Sun and ascendant)

By Eric Francis

Libra (Sep. 22 - Oct. 23)

As you may be aware, the planets are moving into what I’ve been describing as the 2012 configuration, and what other websites are calling the cardinal T-square. Libra, as one of the four signs on the cardinal cross, is directly involved. Your chart in particular is aligned for some of the most profound changes in the next two years. Summing up all the movements and all the astrology that signifies it, the most practical thing you can learn how to do is make transitions.

In short, the setup of your chart suggests strongly that everything changes. As it happens it will seem like you’re going from day to day, with many peaks. The changes will come one at a time. And, as you arrive at a certain destination, you will look back and wonder how you got there. Yet how you got there was one or more sequences of beginnings and endings. And these things, humans are not so good at; and these things, you need to become very good at.

Under astrology like this — though in truth we’ve never lived through anything like this — you need to be tuned for high performance. You need to keep your usual personality issues out of the way: such as that stereotypical but unfortunately mostly-valid Libra struggle to make decisions; but also two psychic elements more significant: a struggle with authority, and your passive quality. By passive I mean a ‘wait and see’ approach to existence that tends to put you in the second place in life, in a posture of avoiding leadership, even over your own life. There is a hint to be aware of a mistake you keep making over and over with those in authority. There is a strong suggestion that you need to adjust your energy level to meet the necessities of any situation, instead of finding the easiest place to lay back and allow the world to move around you. You must do what you can to stay alert, aware and in a position of influence over your own life.

Here is a snapshot of your major transits; you can think of these things as functioning independently and as part of one system. I will go over all of them in this report.

1. Saturn in your birth sign. This also means Saturn conjunct the Sun, some time in the next two years. The earlier in Libra your birthday is, the sooner you will have the exact transit; but your Sun is sensitive to any transits that happen to Libra or that involve Saturn.

2. Pluto in your house of home and security, which is Capricorn. There has been nearly nonstop activity in Capricorn the past few months, and you have now experienced a year of Pluto in this sensitive house, which involves your home life, your relationship to your family and your emotional body.

3. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in your relationship house, which is Aries; and this suggests profound developments in your personal life: a kind of revolution.

4. Mars retrograde in Leo, your house of public image, friendship and your vision for your life. This is shifting your relationships to friends, and weaves together certain themes involving the links between lovers and friends.

There are subtle messages as well. One that resounds, from the world of asteroids, is: be careful of any mistake you make three times. I would grow concerned at two instances of the same error, but three definitely makes a pattern. What, exactly, are you trying to tell yourself? Are you resisting something? Is there something you’re not saying? I strongly suggest you understand this pattern, and do the psychology necessary to trace it back to your family situation. You may be dramatizing resentment at one of your parents through this pattern. There is some deeply entrenched emotional pattern — a family pattern if there ever was one — that you are trying to work your way out of. The more awareness you bring to the process, the gentler it will be.

You are poised for one of the most dramatic energy shifts I’ve ever seen in an astrology chart: the dawning of a new world, a new life, a new orientation on relationships and a different, more mature version of yourself. It’s as if your very fate is rearranging itself, even as you read these words. You may not have control over this process, but you can have influence, and the way you will have the most influence is to pay attention to yourself; to know yourself well. On that topic, let’s move onto the discussion of Saturn in your sign.

Saturn in Libra: A Gateway to the Future

Few astrologers would say that Saturn entering one’s own sign is cause for celebration. I take a different approach, at this time of unprecedented change in your life. Saturn is the harbinger of change; eminently dependable, as such. Saturn can seem to cause problems for many people, but that tends to happen when they resist this unusual thing called adulthood. I say unusual because we in American culture in particular, but in many respects throughout the Western world and Asia, are consumed in a refusal to grow up; a global Peter Pandemic. With Saturn in your sign, you want to stay way ahead of this issue.

One thing you can count on is that Saturn is your friend. Venus is the ruler of Libra; Saturn is what is called the exalted planet, and therefore a necessary, familiar energy; and is a vital component of what we think of as Libra at its best. All that perfectionism? The devotion to harmony? The sense of balance? All about Libra as a function of Saturn. The Venus aspect is another critter entirely.

Suddenly it seems like various shades of inevitability have crept up on you, but not exactly by surprise. A touch of suspense, perhaps, but you’ve arrived at one of those rare, necessary and in truth beautiful moments of total reassessment of yourself and your life. When all is said and done, and revised and rethought, and recreated, this stretch of time (let’s call it between today and your birthday in 2012) is the time span when you will have completely reinvented your life, with one single goal: balancing freedom with responsibility. And this, though it may seem a bit abstract, involves the emotional control that can only come from internally balancing your gender polarities.

Libra represents the principle of balance. Yet if there is an imbalance in the energy of your sign as it usually manifests, it’s about feeling the weight of responsibility, of the past, and of a certain emotional isolation that you must constantly work to rise above. These tend to be the things that pull you out of balance.

Saturn pushes issues of necessity, and can create a sense of confinement, urgency and authority breathing down one’s back. Where those things exist, planetary forces can work together to give you the leverage to make real changes — that is, to grow — and that is how I see the combined action of Saturn in your sign, combined with Pluto in your solar 4th house. That house — the one that covers your household, your family, your history, your security and the emotional structure that you try to create around yourself — is much closer to the epicenter of the changes that are rattling and shaking your life.

Saturn is less the provocateur and more accurately is providing a container: a kind of mold for your character. Pluto is the influence that is digging deep into your life, unearthing the past and leading you to question everything you’ve ever felt settled about; and we know how important it is for you to feel settled. All that movement and change in your life between late December and right about now was 4th house stuff. How did you feel? How did you deal with the sense of imminent change, or threat? Here is a litmus test: did you experience the energy as scary, or did you experience it as an opportunity for creative expression of life? You may have felt a proportion, but really, any sense of creative potential means you’re paying attention.

How you relate to change is one of the underlying themes of your existence, a tool that you will be able to apply to nearly every situation that comes up for the next couple of years. Experience change as a creative process and you will open up unlimited potential to create your life as you want.

To say that the ground feels like it’s moving beneath you would be an understatement. This is movement that is challenging not only your personal security but your whole concept of security. The problem with this concept, as you may be aware, is that your idea of security is built [almost] entirely on the past, and I do mean the very distant past. You may have noticed that it’s built on the failures and sense of failure of your family. While it has seemed that there is little you can do about this, the truth is that what is moving is something within you — something that is thawing, liberating and finally transforming places where you have held a lot of fear, guilt and insecurity for all or most of your life.

I know it may not feel this way today, but the transits you are under, many of them, are part of a conspiracy to loosen up your entire reality, and therefore open the flow of creative energy, beginning with the deep rejuvenation of your emotional reality. That, you might say, is the change from your core.

Mars in Leo: The Public Image Issue

Mars in Leo is a complex transit for you. It weaves together the themes of where friendship meets relationship; it’s calling into question who your friends are; and it’s asking you to determine whether you do the things you do because others expect you to do them, or because you want to do them. This, in turn, relates to how you appear to others, or how you think you appear.

I suggest you assess carefully how much energy you put into controlling your public image, and how much you invest in concealing how you really feel. You can measure this in how little you say, even when you have something to say; and you can measure it in how much initiative you take in shaping your world.

You can no longer afford to fake anything. Your cat-like camouflage no longer protects you. Internalizing and compartmentalizing your issues or feelings is no longer safe, or useful. Your yoga is that of authenticity: such as connecting your face with your feelings at all times. I suggest you let this be a kind of metaphor: strange as it seems, a metaphor for inner authority, which for your purposes is the same as the concept of integrity.

Mars in Leo has a second signification: it represents a relationship partner, whose feelings or intentions you may be questioning. I suggest you run this person and the relationship through all these same questions and see how it works out.

From Aquarius to Pisces: Chiron and Neptune

One of the transits that’s near the end of its run — but no less meaningful — involves Aquarius, your solar 5th house. This is a beautifully Libran transit in that it combines the essence of creative passion and the quest for beauty with an intensity and craving for experience that work together well. Neptune has been in Aquarius for 10 years and Chiron for five years. For the first half of this transit, the effect was to stir up your imagination and a kind of social vision; it may have had a distinctly romantic overtone.

For the second half, up to the present time, it represents a craving to experience your ideas outside of fantasy: to actually explore. One result was a more intense exploration of fantasy, pushing your limits and stretching your sense of what is acceptable. (I wish I could watch your erotic imagination go by on a hologram viewer!)

Now for the question: how much have you let your imagination shape your world? On the most basic level, what are you doing with your creative gifts? But on a more holistic level, do you recognize that your imagination and creative power is what shapes your world? Fantasy is easy and it’s different than active imagination. The presence of Chiron is saying take the step to active imagination to the risk of daring with experience. Chiron gets results — I’m going to guess that you’ve done some exploring.

But have you done as much as you want, or nearly as much as you want? Have you held back? You may need to sort out a bit of denial and your mixed emotions about certain crises that have come up as a result of your questing spirit.

We have a clue as to why you may be feeling a new surge of energy around this topic: Chiron and Neptune begin the year in a close conjunction in Aquarius; and Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius, is square Pluto — really pushing the issue. You may be experiencing do-or-die kinds of cravings. Yes, this is coming from me, so remember the source: but I suggest you be real and vocal about them, and actively make yourself available rather than passively waiting for something to happen. Manifesting your deepest creative or erotic desires is never really an accident. Intention is almost always involved. And don’t be surprised if this takes you to some of the deepest spiritual places you’ve ever reached.

On that note, let’s bring the focus back to Saturn, the most under-rated spiritual advisor of the lot.

Saturn and the Authority Complex

Libra is a fairly laid-back energy, preferring beauty over crisis, and ease more than extremes. People usually respond to Saturn as a damper or a weight. I have a different theory, which is that Saturn is an energy whose main function is to bring out the true nature of what it makes contact with: particularly when we’re talking about a house or a sign. I have a similar theory of Chiron, but they work differently. Chiron can spark overt crisis and Saturn can chime in with a sense of limitation; the best response in both cases begins with self-awareness.

Where the Sun is concerned, Saturn contact can indicate a basic reconciliation with self. Its arrival often marks the journey toward a fundamental understanding of one’s mission or intention. Saturn conjunct the Sun is one of the great maturing points in astrology, happening about every 28 years. Maturity takes willingness and even the path of maturity takes the development of skills. Further, few people see the point: but here is my point. When you need that maturity, you will be VERY happy that you have access to it. When you need the container, the boundary, the clear head and the true sense of balance — and the ability to make a decision — you will be eminently grateful that you do. I know that you sense big changes. I know that there is enormous movement of energy in your life. Yet by the time mid-spring arrives, you will get that I’m talking about a whole new ballgame; a whole new existence that seems to rise out of the desert like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Saturn is the planet of achievement. While it is usually associated with limits, I associate Saturn with pushing one’s personal limits and therefore getting something useful done. The achievement piece is related to discipline, and the ability to manage your energy: to structure your life. As far as I can see, nothing in the world gets done without at least the energy of Saturn, or with its presence in the chart. When Saturn shows up, it’s time to start getting things done. When Saturn is approaching a conjunction to your Sun, it’s time to come to terms with who you are, and begin acting from that core knowledge.

In psychological astrology, Saturn represents the authority principle. In traditional astrology, we see Saturn as the representative of parents, the government, institutions, structures and time. However, as people mature, that authority becomes an inner experience. Not everyone gets that far; for many, authority is something that exists strictly outside them. Parents and teachers are replaced by the government, by spouses, by lawyers, by anything but one’s own sense of self-control and presence.

Libra, Sex and the Concept of Balance

I have suggested that the purpose of Saturn is to bring out or reach the true essence at the core. Saturn is extraordinarily powerful and useful in Libra, and is closely connected to the essence of your sign at its best. That is why Saturn’s presence in your life, though it may be challenging, is a blessing: it is the opportunity for you to make contact with and bring forth your true being. Combined with the action of Pluto in Capricorn, you have the opportunity for some unusual and long-awaited achievements both in your growth and in terms of achievement.

Libra is about balance, but what exactly is being balanced? It has something to do with opposites — and speaks directly to the seemingly oppositional forces in sex and gender. One of the attributes of this transit will be to assist you in internalizing and integrating the energy of both sexes and of many genders. Our society and to some extent our genetic code tends to polarize us, giving many humans the feeling of being half a person, incomplete without the rest; the rest is often sought in the ‘other’ in relationships; these in turn have a dark tendency to become orgies of projection and disowning everything we think appears outside us.

At other times when we encounter someone truly amazing outside us, we don’t generally see ourselves as at least containing that potential. That, too, is an energy imbalance.

It is often wonderful to celebrate distinction and polarity; indeed, it is one of the privileges of being human. Yet there is in our society a toxic aspect to this, indeed an extremely toxic one, which makes us highly subject to manipulation, and cuts us off from our true nature. As a consequence of this (or not), at the moment we are on an evolutionary path toward building our integrity, which in part involves establishing full contact with both polarities within and then taking those delicate steps of being in harmony with both. We are reconciling with ourselves. We are doing this in the face of the great tradition of self-alienation.

I am going to guess that you have noticed a quality in yourself that allows you to identify fully with both genders. This gift may elude you even as you long for it; as you experience it you may crave polarizing back out into your more accustomed form. In other people Libra, for all its balance-seeking tendencies, tends to sway between the extremes; and with each sway, a little piece of each polarity is acquired and hopefully integrated. It is this ability to push things in one direction with full intensity — not explored in all born under your sign, by the way — that creates some of the truly amazing artists. Yet that pushing must integrate an aspect of the opposite energy as a fertilizing agent.

Yes, the Libran love of beauty and capacity to make anything beautiful helps; but that does not explain the creative hyper-intensity of a Thom Yorke or an Oscar Wilde, with their distinct ability to cut through the face of reality like an acetylene torch.

The First Real Vision of the Path

The single most evocative commentary I have read about Libra I found in the book Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey. As a starting point, it seems appropriate to quote the original. She describes Libra as “the sign in which the first real vision of the Path [of initiation] appears and of the goal toward which the disciple must ultimately direct [his or her] steps. This Path is the narrow razor-edged Path which runs between the pairs of opposites and which — if it is to be safely trodden — requires the development of a sense of values and the power to utilize rightly the balancing, analytical facility of the mind.”

Think of it this way. On one level, Libra is about the polarity of Venus and Mars, which can and often do function as emotional energies in a constant dance of opposition; of meeting and separating and meeting again; of teetering from the expression of one to the other. Or, you can think of Libra about the integration of Saturn and the full integration of these seeming opposites.

At times you will seem to detach from either and enter a neutral zone that feels at once liberating and unstable; at others you will encounter inner glimpses of self-mastery that demonstrate, over and over, that you can exist as an independent, complete human being: complete not just in terms of the horizontal plane of being free from the other; but also free from the authority of your family and many other social forces. There will be times when this particular ability or strength shines through as an unusual power; and then it will seem to fade, leaving you with a concept that you will return to many times and gradually adopt within yourself.

The Wisdom and the Baggage of the Ancestors

The combination of Saturn and Pluto are dismantling you emotionally; perhaps even breaking you, and at least clearing space in what is in truth your intricate, delicate emotional core. Your outer nature, expressed with all the beauty and charm of your sign, conceals a complexity that few people who know you have ever encountered. Part of that complexity is about hiding your vulnerability. Part of it is an attempt to be an individual while honoring something about the past: your family’s heritage, yes, but really the whole past and legacy of humanity. Of all the signs, you stand on this legacy and can get a clear view of the present because you can elevate yourself on all that has happened; but this also exists as a burden for you.

Even here in Western culture we are getting a clue that we must honor the wisdom of our ancestors. We are made of them; our lives are an extension of their lives. With Capricorn so prominent in your chart, it’s difficult for you to discern the difference between their feelings and your own; between their experiences and your own. You may have thought of taking a step beyond your parents (after which you started to figure them out), but how many generations back have you taken this logic?

Pluto in Capricorn is having the odd effect of stirring up generations of past karma. Whatever you are going through now has a long story in the distant past. I can’t prove this but I can read a chart. The past offers two things: shadow material, and wisdom. Once you explore these two things, you will notice the sense of grounding that you get.

Instead of passively wondering what this is about, I suggest you make contact with the past. Talk to as many old relatives as you can find. Travel if you must. Acquire as many old documents and photos as you can. Despite the temptation, I strongly suggest that you not discard or purge the past: rather, look at it carefully and preserve it. I mean this literally, in albums, scrapbooks, archival envelopes and well-organized files. Get a subscription to one of those genealogy search web sites and see what you can learn about yourself.

This will teach you a lot — and do more to help you let go of the baggage of history, while embracing the present, than nearly anything that you can do for yourself.

The Revelation in Your Relationships

So, you’ve been reading about deep emotional catharsis and working with shadow material and ancestral material and letting go of your public image and understanding who your friends are and reckoning with yourself. All of this seems directed at one purpose: a profound shift in the story of your relationships.

While this is the beginning of a long-term phase of your development, there are immediate effects that are likely to feel like either the revival of a relationship, a new relationship, and/or a revolution in your concept of relationships. In a sense, the world gets larger, and you encounter experiences and influences more potent than you ever have before.

This is why you want your shadow material at least addressed, if not out of the way; it’s why you want strong foundations, and an understanding of your family’s history, particularly the relationships. It’s why you want to respond from your most mature, open-minded self: events are likely to test your flexibility and sense of identity.

This transit is not about any one specific event, but rather a change in both your environment and the way you project yourself into it. Therefore it’s essential that you know yourself; that you know what you are bringing from the past and most of all that you have a sense of what you want out of life. What you are about to experience is intended for your body, mind, heart and soul: awake and alive, and paying attention.

4 Responses to “Libra Confidential (for Sun and ascendant)”

  1. Jackie says:

    My past strategy has been to hide my feelings, needs and desires for the ease and comfort of others, moving me to “second place.” As I work with being authentic, I find my social graces turning into bumbling, awkward moments. I need to learn to speak my truth gracefully and not sabatoge myself along the way. Bluntness can be hurtful to others and harmful to me. Where can I learn this skill set?

  2. Erin says:

    Dear Jackie, you can only learn this skill set by experience. I find we as Librans are so intent on appearing perfect and graceful to the outside world, that we rarely truly express ourselves, and are thus completely out of practice! Don’t worry about making mistakes – be gentle with yourself and in time you will learn to be more comfortable revealing yourself. But it WILL take time – there’s no quick fix! We must learn to listen to our true selves instead of what our egos would tell us… Being vulnerable is the most beautiful and courageous quality of being human.

  3. pamela Topley says:

    very very insightful.

  4. Rachael says:

    Very, very true!

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