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Scorpio Confidential (for Sun and ascendant)

By Eric Francis

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)

Somewhere deep in the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien is the idea that in our tenuous lives here on Earth, we should be glad that even the least of our desires comes to fruition. Most of us want more than that; we are a society composed largely of people that want everything, and for whom nothing is ever enough. I say this because of the extremely delicate state of your professional ambitions, and in honor of the thin line you are walking. In some ways, it seems that you’re barely entitled to an ‘ambition’, and even like the desire for more could jeopardize the little that you have.

The planets suggest you take your quest for success inward for a while, seeking an understanding of your true motives. You can no longer act on desire without a strong concept of why that desire matters; which is another way of saying you need to discover what you want. This involves not merely diving into your emotional world (you’ve done plenty of that lately) and seeking clarity (you have succeeded in many ways) but also projecting yourself into the world and determining who you must be in relationship to everything that surrounds you. You’re being called to connect who you are on the deepest level with the world you see around you.

Clearly, this is not going to happen in the usual blaze ahead, take it off-road method of our society, or by doing what you were told to do. Neither method was as productive as they promised. Imagine, instead, that time has stopped; and that what a second ago was the present moment has instantaneously become the past. You’re able to move around and explore in this frozen world. You’re seemingly alone, in a dimension that you can only see but with which you cannot interact. Now, at least, you’re relieved of the mirage of an exchange. Move slowly through this world. Look carefully, remembering that what you see is colored by your vision. Feel deeply into your senses for any sign of heat or movement. Look carefully for what actually responds to your awareness: for what speaks to you directly and wants to exchange energy with you. What responds to your presence in this crystallized world is what’s truly part of you.

Background: Pluto Confidential

Let the record reflect that this is being written in the years immediately following the reclassification of Pluto. With the hindsight of a century or so, 2010 will seem like that event happened yesterday, and people will be wondering what we were thinking: what it was like back then? And what was the influence on astrology, and on you? Did anyone even notice?

This is a philosophical question, particularly since Pluto is only the honorary ruler of Scorpio; your actual planet is Mars. As the guardian of human desire, Mars is much closer to home, and under most circumstances, more practical and more humane. Our planet was well on its way to being death-obsessed by World War I. Pluto arrived shortly thereafter, along with a lot of problems. The main gift that Pluto offers, which is a sense of personal and collective evolution, is so lost on many people that the idea barely exists in a therapist’s office much less on television. It needs to exist in your life and due to the recent movement of Pluto into Capricorn, it’s taken on a more tangible property than it has had in many years.

I think with the shift in status of Pluto, we get to ease off on the ‘death is the bottom line’ concept that has so brutally ruled humanity for so long (including as a result of its intrusion into psychology, as the concept thanatos), and refocus on the soul aspect of Pluto (which is all but missing from psychology, despite it allegedly being the study of the soul). Let’s start with traditional astrology and begin with the teachings of the other ruler of Scorpio, Mars: the planet of desire and intention.

At the moment, Mars is in Leo; it’s spending a long time in this sign, which is about finding one’s true expression in life; and for you this happens to be in the solar 10th house: the greater house of career. There is another place where we find vital career information, the 6th house, and I will weave back into that in a moment.

The current Mars retrograde may seem to be messing up your professional life; you may literally be having a hard time at work, or with work, though this is rare enough for you; or you may be facing a total reorientation. Don’t blame the boss and don’t blame your environment. This matter is entirely personal. It’s about you — and you can be thankful for that.

Mars is guiding you to get your priorities and objectives in order: your real ones, not the ones you were tattooed with. As I must have written 100 times since beginning Planet Waves, the problem with most ‘career objectives’ as they are held by most people is the little detail about how someone else gave them to us, or inflicted them on us, or threatened us with starvation if we chose something else. If they didn’t state the specific goals, they set the terms of the game: usually, you will decide what you do based on how much money you make. This is generally the last nail in the coffin of childhood creativity; the others include having our curiosity eviscerated, the programmed need to impress others, and the related need to conform. By the time most people get to first grade, the game is over.

If anyone had a chance of making it through into adulthood with some of their self-awareness intact, I’m going to propose that you have pretty good odds. You do seem to be driven by curiosity, which we can account in part to your sexual nature. Sex and curiosity are like parallel strands of DNA, and while others may critique your focus on sex, and/or while you may be afraid to let it out into daylight where others can experience it, sexual awareness is what grounds you in feeling alive, and in your curiosity, and in your desire: more people are envious of you than you imagine.

Most people are in fact focused on death, in its many clever disguises. Though it may sound like a tall order in the midst of 23 recessions, downturns and turndowns, I suggest you focus on what you want to be doing. Not what you thought you wanted to do last year; what you really, actually want to be doing. The problem with this is: action is immediate and one’s relationship with oneself develops over a lifetime. So the question becomes: what can you do that will foster your self-awareness, and help you build your relationship with yourself?

This is a difficult question, because there is something in the way of your thought process. That something is: the past.

Enter: Pluto in Capricorn

The setup of your solar chart places Capricorn in the 3rd house. That’s the house of your mental processes. It is difficult for you to think outside the maze of tradition. Tradition fascinates you; you believe in it; you honor old people; you honor old ways; you like old things; and it’s necessary for you to apply some real energy into creating something new.

When Pluto makes a rare sign change, everyone finds out about it. It gets millions of Google hits that go back five years before it happened. Predictions run wild; predictions for fascism associated with Pluto in Cap have given way to predictions of economic collapse, with few noting that they are the same thing. There will be many collapses and recreations of systems, and I cannot say for sure whether anything more fair will come out as a result. But you can create a world that works better for you and for your community, an idea I am sure you’ve worked with many times.

If you wonder what you struggle with in life, how about phrasing it as the need to get out of your old ways and do what is actually relevant in the moment. Adherence to the past for its own sake is as dumb as revolution for its own sake. There are many ideas from the past that need a revival, and many more that need a swift burial. We could say the same of your thought patterns. Pluto in Capricorn is the steward of both sides of this process: pouring energy and life into that which is still viable and meaningful; and eliminating that which hinders you.

Pluto’s movement is currently connected to Saturn in Libra, which is making a square to Pluto. Saturn, for its part, is in your 12th solar house, which deserves its own conversation, but for now I will sum up as the need to understand your own motives, as apart from the motives of anyone else. Saturn in the 12th brings a brief spell of necessary isolation, during which you focus your energy and clear out some deep karmic material that is holding you back. Some of this involves an obsession with traditional relationship formats that is a parody on human biology — not on morals; and it involves a blind spot to beauty that you have to work every day to see around. To the extent you value beauty, you have had to either teach yourself this skill, or preserve it carefully from those who would rather you not bother with such trivial matters.

The karmic material of the 12th house manifests most often in what I can call your approach to commonplace activities. One of the reasons that Scorpio holds onto the past so dearly, even to your own detriment, involves your thoughts being so oriented on the patterns of the past, as if they are the only thing that exists. Suddenly now that Pluto is in Capricorn you are having the eureka that new approaches, particularly new mental approaches, are not only urgently necessary but fun.

With this you can expect people to be different than the ways you have categorized them. You can allow your mind to go new places, and thus your body, instead of going the same places over and over again. Note that this whole process is coming on like so much thunder, all at once, that you may be inclined to retreat to the ways of the past in order to have a little shelter; but you’re not going to find it there for long.

I would remind you of a similar crisis in 2002-2004. Think back what was happening then, and decide if you can apply some of what you learned then to what you are experiencing right now. Those were the years that Chiron was in Capricorn, which are eerily reminiscent of today: only today has the feeling of being the real gig, not the practice run.

There is a psychological struggle here, no doubt: a struggle to let go of so much past conditioning, so you can be alive now, in the moment. What you may be realizing is that your thought process was entirely dominated by the past; by your family; by how screwed up one of your parents is (particularly, their whole guilt trip they laid on you) and you need to bust free of these things.

You have help, and you are succeeding. It would be impossible to fail, though there is something to be said about proceeding in the least invasive, most efficient way: and you can do it. It helps if you move with consciousness; Pluto is always about an unconscious process being raised to the level of full awareness. You could call that the story of your life, and it comes into focus with this event. Pluto in the 3rd house is helping you dig up all kinds of fossils, historical records, self-destructive tendencies, church documents and various unpleasant facts about your upbringing.

Thanks to a decade of Pluto in Sagittarius (which ended in 2009) you explored the horizons of your potential, and began letting yourself dream big. You made a new level of contact with your soul and your spiritual values, which informed your dreams and your visions. That was Pluto in Sagittarius, or your 2nd solar house. This house is usually the one where we look for self-esteem themes. For you it was about locating your soul. Don’t forget, you already figured out that you have one, and you figured out where to find it. Now comes the job of putting it to work, on Earth.

One of the ways you’re going to do that is by being free, and letting the people around you be free.

From Pluto to Eris

Astrological stories weave together with an unusual kind of coherence. Astrology teaches us to see the connections between seemingly separate elements of our lives, and come out of the false idea of living in categories. Here is an example, using your solar chart. I am just beginning the thought process: they do not end here, and the ideas I bring up have many other implications.

Mars in Leo is one of the most influential planets in your life right now. It is the original ruler of Scorpio, and its placement retrograde in Leo will enable you to change your orientation on life, if you allow it to.

Pluto, your secondary ruling planet, is in Capricorn, which signifies a profound influence on your thought process. This is connected to Mars, which is exalted in Capricorn. So these stories are all woven together.

Capricorn, in turn, is ruled by Saturn; and Saturn is now square Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn, for its part, is very well placed in Libra. So that draws Libra into the equation, and Venus made a prominent appearance in Capricorn in January, when it was conjunct a solar eclipse.

And one last point: your sign shares Mars as a ruler with another sign: and that would be Aries. Aries is the scene of this year’s most dramatic astrology, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. And it’s currently the home of Eris, which is spending about 110 years in that sign. Eris is intimately related to Aries and is indeed reflective of the state of humanity’s identity crisis. Aries is the sign of I Am and Eris in Aries has very little idea of who she is. There is chaos associated with this sign, and it influences you through your solar 6th house of work and wellbeing.

Note that the ruler of Aries, which is also the ruler of your sign, is Mars (currently retrograde in Leo). Everything points back to that Mars, but in the case of your solar 6th house, Eris in Aries is what’s doing the pointing. This is the story of a much deeper identity crisis around work than I’ve mentioned before: but there it is.

Have you ever had the feeling that there was a ‘slight’ quality of chaos following you from work environment to work environment? Have you noticed that it can show up in the form of a jealous woman, who seizes power in the midst of a void of real leadership? And have you ever wondered what this has to do with you? I mean, you are the one thing that all your work environments have in common.

I realize there are assholes everywhere. Yet what the assholes you meet have in common is that they are anti-service. They resent serving others. You struggle with this, but you understand something fundamental that goes below this particular issue: something about existence.

I would propose that you consider the depth to which you find your identity and sense of vitality through the work that you do — which is why you have to get that right.

So here are some practical ideas, to that end.

Practical Ideas Relating to Your Career

1. Remember that the small jobs you have add up to ‘your career’. Whether or not they are connected by a sense of vision or purpose is another matter entirely. This includes if you are an artist or creative person of some kind; not all the gigs we get are actually reflective of our creative vision, but they may be reflective of our personal vision of ourselves, such as a commitment to learning.

2. Remember that your work influences all aspects of your life. You cannot not bring it home; you build your identity on it; at this point in your life it is particularly powerful in these respects.

3. You live by your reputation. It takes time and work to build one of these. More than anything, it takes a real measure of focus. Many actions must be repeated. You may redo your resume 10 times and put postcards in every local cafГ© 100 times and make a dozen radio appearances and slowly, people start to connect the dots of your reputation: of your professional face, your chosen role, with the person you are.

4. Question your drive for attention and power. That does not mean it’s inherently a ‘bad thing’, but we could say that questioning anything that’s been taken for granted for a while is a good idea right now. You may be working through a question of whether you abused your power in the past. Was there an integrity issue? While you’re working through this question or something similar, I’m here to remind you to suspend judgment. You don’t actually know the outcome of this question, you’re still figuring out what actually happened, and it’s a good sign that you’re willing to embrace the truth.

5. What role does guilt play in your work, or your choice of careers? This can include having been guilted into your career, guilt as a motivation for service, or guilt in your relationship(s) because you work too much.

6. What is your concept of creativity, and how do you apply this to your work?

Comment: Guilt and Power

Since the topic of guilt has come up, here are some additional thoughts. Your creative/work/professional existence may be complicated by guilt. I suggest you question this carefully. The connection to power is that guilt is often caused by the power that people (such as caregivers) have abused in the past; and this in turn creates an orientation on power in our own lives.

The past event may have involved the use of power over you by someone you held in high esteem. By extension, this may have taken up residence in many other situations where you look up to someone. This would be a good time to question the teachings of anyone you ever held as a mentor, and sort out what influence works and what does not work for you.

I suggest you be critical of anyone from your past who was domineering, particularly if they are/were a woman. One of the things you’re doing right now is claiming back your power from this person. This, despite the fact that previous attempts to do so may not have gone as well as you would have liked.

What you may be working through is some way in which you hurt yourself, or believe that you did. There may be a question of: was there an integrity issue? Do you hold the belief that you abused your power in some way? While you’re working through this question or something similar, I’m here to remind you to suspend judgment. You’re still figuring out what actually happened, so your judgment in advance is unfair and will only bias you.

One reason it would be wise to let yourself off the hook is because we may be talking about something that someone did to you, for which you feel guilty. Um, what? Yes, that’s usually how it works. Guilt alone would not establish that you’re ‘to blame’; rightly, it would not even be a clue. Guilt implies that something, some energy source, is lurking behind the inner conversation, but we don’t know quite what that would be. In the process of finding out, I would suggest that you embrace curiosity as your best friend.

I think the first question to ask yourself is: from the viewpoint of today, looking back on whatever you feel is at the root of the situation I’m describing, is there some way in which you violated your own values? Next, is there a ‘tradition’ of that particular form of self-violation in your family? Has it happened, or have you heard stories or had clues, in the past? Last, do you have a tendency to blame yourself for things that are not your fault, but then wonder why exactly you do this?

There is a fairly simple explanation if any of this is true: you were blamed for something that someone did to you; and you didn’t quite pick up the role reversal because it was easy enough, and seemingly logical enough, for you to blame yourself. But looked at in these terms, it’s not logical at all. It’s downright strange.

Guilt is impractical, and so is power. I suggest you orient yourself on practicality as a vehicle for your healing and your creative drive. That’s a little wisdom of Pluto in Capricorn.

Community, its Consequences and its Potential

For the past few years I have been developing an idea in Scorpio annual editions, which involves your relationship to tribe or community. I’ve never read this in any astrology book, but it seems plainly obvious looking at the solar chart: you are a tribal animal, and the planets running through your chart have emphasized this quality.

There’s been a lot of stress, though, and you have been fighting many elements of past conditioning, being cooped up and having your ideals used against you. However, thanks to the focusing power inherent in Chiron, you’ve been working this territory over and over again. This is good, because it represents the fertile soil into which your roots are planted.

And, finally, you have the potential to get clear on something about your tribal origins that has presented a big mystery for many years or even decades. If you’re not getting to the heart of the mystery, you are getting to the heart of how not to have your identity stolen or subsumed by a group environment, including your family. There is more here than we admit as a culture: listen to what people say and you will hear story after story of people who give up who they are in order to please some mythical governing body who supposedly holds the power of judgment over them.

Communities and tribes have good and bad points, obviously; and sometimes the bad points bring out our best qualities. There was an element of emotional warmth lacking in your tribe-of-origin, and one of the ways you have compensated is by becoming a passionate person. The downside of that is that you became the source of warmth for the people around you, which often stole your own heat and put it to work for them.

Here’s what happened, as a result: Anytime you get into a group situation, that dynamic has the potential to show up, in spades. Anytime you get into a leadership position, you can get into this role; and you know it’s not good for you. As you change this one thing, you will change your whole leadership dynamic, which is vitally important: you are a born leader and you are being groomed for a new leadership role as we speak.

You might be thinking, Sure, that would be great; let’s start with getting a little respect. But you want more than a little respect, and if you tune your perception and focus your intentions, you will find yourself in an unusual position of leadership. The key is: knowing what you want.

The Breakthrough: Ultimate Cooperation

I have made reference to two themes that I want to relate now: one is the career theme; and one is your reverence for groups, tribes and families. There is something coming to fruition for you in the next six months or so, which is a direct relationship between your work, and international networks, and your professional reputation.

Consider the possibility that all of our old modes of leadership are either dead or going away fast. They don’t work; what is necessary is for something new to emerge, and you are one of its inventors. That something is a spontaneous cooperative action that involves self-aware people focusing on a common goal. That’s what I see in your charts, and it starts to heat up in May and June. This astrology is a total breakthrough. There is no way to overstate this, so I will try to understate it a bit; it’s a development that changes your outlook on yourself, on your work, on life and on many other aspects of existence: all of which come back to a factor of cooperation toward a goal.

And what is the goal? Beneath the outer goal, it’s human evolution. It’s embracing the new ways of thinking that will help get humanity out of the horrid mess that it’s in. This is not about fixing the world; it’s about people growing up together; people becoming committed to expressing their true humanity.

Digging up all those fossils of the past is telling you a lot about your motives. Your exploration of certain kinds of isolation is teaching you about your fears and the shadow side of your nature. Your efforts to establish yourself professionally (in what may be a new field) are teaching you about the world. More to the point, you are learning about leadership. What you have not figured out is that all of these attributes, together, are cultivating in you a new dimension of leadership; a new form of leadership for which you are perfectly suited; and whose moment has come.

Here is your primary role: you set the goal. You set the objective, and the intention. Clue: it’s what you want the most.

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  1. Sean says:

    Dear Mr. Francis,

    Thank you for your perspicacity and deft word-craft!

  2. veronica knop says:

    Thank you so OOOo very much for the holiday freebie:) I have only read half of the scorpio horoscope so far,im Nov.20,1981, and i am so greatful for the helpful guidance. You have posed the same questions that have been bubbleing up in my thoughts lately. I was happy to at least have an idea where to focus myself , and this has further suggested where and how and that it is worth it, your input has givin me a sense of relief and encouragement~!! I realy apreciate it as well as Planet Waves. Happiest Holidays:)!

  3. Tess Charbonneau says:

    Wow This scorpio mama says thanks and that was intense as I love it. I am grateful for all of your beautiful heartfeltness and time and love. peace

  4. Laurie Schwartz says:

    I did spend this holiday in the hospital with my father.. and
    surely.. I have been brought to my knees in frozen terror and pain that I have avoided.. in my life of being a caretaker and running or hiding from my needs.
    What I want…
    I place to rest and be a scorpio without the fear and the guilt and the shame.. of seeing and feeling so much.. I want a vacation from feeling it all.
    I pray for ongoing.. contact with spirit and flow of love ..
    Thanks for your wisdom and support.


    thankyou very much. you’re right on! as a scorpio with moon in leo ( cancer asc) i have been going through all you described. after reading your words & advise, there is clarity . you have watered the seeds that need to sprout.

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