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Cosmic Confidential Instructions

New York, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010

Dear Cosmic Confidentialist:

In case you're having any challenges logging into Cosmic Confidential, here is some information that might help. You were sent your login and password at the time of purchase, some time after Nov. 4, 2009. If you're not the Delete Queen, you still have them in your inbox somewhere.

1. The log and pass are different than the ones you might use for Planet Waves Astrology News. Your Cosmic Confidential login ID is the name of your sign, or if you purchased all 12 signs, the word confidential, typed lowercase.

2. Your log and pass are both typed lowercase. Do not copy and past from your email! Please type it directly with your fingers and your brain.

3. The entry page -- is:

4. Your purchase confirmation is probably in your inbox. The subject header is Planet Waves Purchase Confirmation. Since you may have placed more than one order recently, please read it and make sure it's the right one.

5. If you are doing everything right and still having issues, go outside for five minutes, then come in and quit your browser and start over.

6. We politely, highly recommend that you read in Mozilla Firefox, the friendliest browser.

If you're still having difficulty or have not heard back from your original request by Wednesday morning, please write back to with "second request" in the subject header.

Thank you!
Eric Francis
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